Congressman Jackson Wants $10/hour Minimum Wage. We Agree

Washington, D.C.-(ENEWSPF)- Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. released the following statement regarding the minimum wage.

We agree.

Raise it.

From the Congressman:

Many Americans work long hours, weeks on end, yet continue to struggle to provide for themselves and their families. In a nation of unmatched wealth, it’s disheartening that hard-workingg American men and women can work full-time jobs and still receive a wage that qualifies them as "below poverty." Our minimum wage workers deserve the same attention and the same support the government has given to banks and the auto industry. After bailing out both, it’s time for Congress to fight to provide a fair, commensurate wage to American workers. 

This month, I introduced legislation that will raise the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $10 per hour. H.R. 5901, the "Catching Up To 1968 Act", will significantly improve the lives of over 30 million hard-working Americans.

At the current federal minimum wage, a full-time employee working 40 hours per week and 52 weeks per year, earns $15,080 annually. This is far below the 2010 average income of $40,584 for American workers and significantly below the 2011 United States poverty line for a family unit of three set at $18,530. My legislation would increase the amount full time, minimum wage workers make to $20,800 annually.

H.R. 5901 will:

  • Ensure hard-working, American workers are able to make ends meet;
  • Increase consumer purchasing power, increasing demand for business commodities;
  • And bring the minimum wage closer to 1968 levels when adjusted for inflation.

It’s been five years since Congress last acted to raise the minimum wage and an additional increase is long overdue. The 2007 increase was not only a significant step toward ensuring fair wages; it created an additional $1.6 billion per year in wages, significantly increasing consumer demand and posed no threat to American businesses. According to economists, another increase would have the same positive effect.

If you’re interested in additional information about my legislation, I encourage you to check out my press release and a recent segment of a TV appearance in which a number of experts and I discuss the bill and its potential impact. You can also view the text of H.R. 5901 here.

Support real American families.

Raise the minimum wage so the minimum wage is a livable wage.