Bruce Rauner Continues to Oppose Minimum Wage Hike

The multimillionaire’s cutthroat ethics haven’t changed, he just chooses slightly different rhetoric

CHICAGO—(ENEWSPF)—June 25, 2014. The following is a statement from Neal Waltmire, Communications Director for Illinois Freedom PAC, in response to Bruce Bauner’s comments yesterday showing the multimillionaire’s continued opposition to raising the state’s minimum wage:  

Bruce Rauner thought that we’d forget his multiple statements supporting LOWERING the minimum wage and his “adamant” opposition to raising it.

We didn’t.

He thought that if he talked about his opposition to the minimum wage in a different way, that we might mistakenly think he would do right by workers.  

We didn’t.

He thought we’d forget his business record shows a greedy multimillionaire who only cares about his own power and profit. 

We didn’t.

He thought we’d forget that his business holdings show companies with a pattern of putting profit before people’s well-being, even if regular people – those who can’t afford a $2.5 million donation – die as a result.

We didn’t.

He thought we wouldn’t notice that his ‘support’ for upping the national rate to ours wouldn’t raise wages here in Illinois and that his blessing for a minimum wage referendum came only after a bill was signed placing one on the November ballot. 

We did.

His record shows Rauner can’t be trusted to help Illinois’ working families.




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