Breitbart Still Whining About O’Keefe Coverage, and Still Won’t Address the ACORN Pimp Lie

Eric Boehlert

by Eric Boehlert

Apparently Andrew Breitbart is spending his entire CPAC weekend in permanent whine mode (does he have any other?), as he moans and cries about how nasty and untrustworthy the press is. This, of course, coming from the same guy who won’t fess up to helping spread the ACORN lie that James O’Keefe wore his pimp outfit into offices last year as part of his undercover sting.

He didn’t. Breirtbart made that part up. And today he won’t admit his role in peddling the falsehood. But he’s shows up at CPAC and berates the press about its lack of standards, and pretends he’s the people’s watchman. (More like their clown.)

More importantly, note how Breitbart went about his press-bashing routine at CPAC:

Kate Zernike of the New York Times, are you in the room? Are you in the room? You’re despicable. You’re a despicable human being.

How’s that for whipping up a crowd and putting a Times journalist in a potentially dangerous situation? Asked to cover a right-wing conference already filled with press-hating attendees, Breitbart, in pure demagogic mode, walks to the podium, asks if a specific Times reporter is the in the room, and then denounces her as being "despicable human being," as the audience laughs and cheers. (I half expected to see CPAC security guards drag Zernike away at Breitbart’s command.)

Can’t say I didn’t warn folks in the press about Breitbart and his unstable, press-hating ways. (Journalists are unpatriotic, terrorist sympathizers!) Maybe now journalists will stop producing puff pieces about this guy. Because trust me, he’s going to get one of you seriously hurt.

UPDATED: And BTW, here’s the RW’s pointless complaint about Zernike’s coverage at CPAC.

UPDATED: Note to Breitbart: Stop digging!

At CPAC today, the propagandist finally addressed the falsehood about O’Keefe being dressed in a pimp outfit inside ACORN office. From Washington Independent [emphasis added]:

“I have to apologize to the nation because the pimp in the pimp and prostitute video apparently wasn’t dressed like a flamboyant pimp,” said Breitbart, his voice dripping with sarcasm. “I’m so sorry to this nation. I don’t know what to say.”

"Apparently"? Ha! Does Breitbart not know the answer? Is Breitbart unwilling to simply confess that he made the pimp costume story up? Does he need more time to study the unreleased ACORN videos to come to a final decision on the issue?

Source: Media Matters for America.
Used with permission.