Birthers and their Misinformed History of Kenya

Phony birth certificate


To be fair, I am neither a “birther” or a “deather.” Birthers are struggling like anything to prove that Barack Obama was not born in the United States. “Deathers,” a relatively new term, are those who are trying to convince seniors that the health care plan before Congress will require our elderly to declare how they want to die.

Both of these are hogwash, but they’re generating controversy right now.

I’m just going to ask you to consider the “birthers” right now.

The birthers need a lesson in history, says Melinda Warner at Media Matters for America:

The birther movement, led by attorney/dentist/real estate agent/second degree blackbelt Orly Taitz, has taken an interesting turn.

Desperate for any “proof” that President Obama is not a native-born United States citizen, Taitz has seized upon a “birth certificate” for Barack Obama, dated April 4, 1961, from the Republic of Kenya.

Here’s the kicker: Kenya did not become a Republic until 1964. Three years after President Obama was born. Now, it appears as though the certificate was stamped and signed in February of 1964 – but the Republic was not officially formed until December 12, 1964.

You’d think that whoever constructed this forgery would at least have had the sense to at least take a peek at Wikipedia to see when Kenya became a Republic.

There you have it, a birth certificate for Barack Obama for a country that would not exist until three years after his birth. What more evidence do we need?

We’re further left to wonder about if Dr. Orly Taitz’s abilities since she misspelled her name in the Web address that appears on this “birth certificate!” The Web site of this attorney/dentist/real estate agent/second degree blackbelt is On the forged document above, you will note the site is spelled:

She misspelled her own name!

So Dr. Orly Taitz, if that is her real name, and if she is a real physician — could her diploma be forged? — offers us a birth certificate from a country that did not exist at the time of the president’s birth, with a Web site written on it that does not exist today.

Look again:

detail of phony birth certificate

Now that’s proof!