AARP Opposes Medicare Premium Increases Based on Income

WASHINGTON–(ENEWSPF)–January 21, 2011. AARP spokesperson Jim Dau released this statement following recent news reports on income-related Medicare premium increases under the health care law and possible future increases:

“AARP did not support making people in Medicare pay higher premiums based on their income.  Seniors in Medicare have already paid into the system through payroll taxes—and those with higher incomes paid more over their lifetimes.  In many cases, seniors with higher incomes are still working and paying Medicare taxes—often because they don’t have the savings they need to retire.  Expecting them to pay more in premiums even as they continue to work and pay taxes penalizes those who wish to work longer.

“Simply shifting the cost burden to seniors does nothing to address the underlying problem of skyrocketing health care costs.  Moreover, AARP is deeply concerned that those with higher-incomes may simply choose not to participate in the Medicare program if asked to pay too much.  This kind of risk selection could fundamentally change the nature and quality of the Medicare program.

“AARP will continue to fight to minimize the impact of income-related Medicare premiums, particularly for seniors who are penalized just because they choose to continue working.”

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