A Statement by Dr. Amara Enyia on the 2015 Municipal Election Experience

CHICAGO—(ENEWSPF)—December 10, 2014.

For more than a year, I’ve traveled the city on a mission to spread a message about an equitable, thriving Chicago with fresh leadership that is willing to break from the status quo. That message has resonated throughout every neighborhood, ethnic group, and age group in the city.  I started this campaign with no money, but with a vision for a better Chicago.

We relied on you, our grassroots supporters, to sustain this campaign. Your passion and effort created the most exciting and promising campaign of this election cycle.

However, these last weeks have been challenging. Our campaign office was burglarized which cost us a significant amount of money and resources.  We aggressively pushed past the intentional lack of media coverage. But despite the efforts of the many volunteers and supporters who worked tirelessly to establish my candidacy, my campaign was challenged by Mayoral Candidate Willie Wilson, using proxies from the camp of Rickey Hendon in an effort to limit voter choice and stifle the opportunity for Chicagoans to finally have a fresh choice for new leadership.

This is the politics of the past and continues to prove that we need a break from the politics of self destruction. We need a new generation of leadership committed to progress, not petty politics.

I believe that my supporters deserve my very best effort. As a marathoner and Iron Man competitor, there has never been a race that I did not complete – no matter how difficult. This race is no different. Therefore, we exhausted every possible avenue to fight against the challenge in spite of a challenger with unlimited financial resources. We made financial appeals to supporters, met with several attorneys, spent several days at the Board of Elections, consulted with experts, and even reached out to our challengers in an effort to overcome. Ultimately, our limited resources, paired with our challengers stated commitment to dragging out the process, meant that we had to reposition ourselves so that we could still articulate our message for change – albeit on a different platform in the 2015 election.

Because of this, I am even more determined to press forward in Chicago. I have more perspective, more experience, and more insights that will ensure I can use my voice in unison with yours to change our city. I remain unbought, unbossed and unbowed. This campaign started without fear and continues with fire. I hope the light that was ignited inspires Chicagoans to seize the times and make change. This is a new beginning and I am excited to move forward.

As we proceed let us keep in our hearts the slogan that started this campaign: One City, Our City; One Chicago, Our Chicago.



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