120 Jewish Studies Scholars Condemn Trump’s Jerusalem Declaration

  • Isaac barr

    Jewish Studies scholars made two mistakes: 1. President TRUMP declaration on Jerusalem is non of their business. It is an American decision. US presidents and Congress made the decision in last 70 years. and president TRUMP only implemented it. He did not do it because he is antisemitic. 2. What ever Arabs in Jerusalem suffer if indeed they do (67% voted to be under Israel control) their suffering is dwarfed by the mass murder in Syria, 450.000 dead, genocide of Christians. Jewish Studies scholars never cared about the plight of Syrians. Lastly, if Barack Hussein Obama would have produced a statement about Jerusalem Jewish Studies scholars would have kissed his hand. Instead, Islamophile Obama created UNSC 2334 which deprived Jews access to the Kotel and Old city synagogues. Jewish Studies scholars, surrogates of Be’Tselem, never worried about UNSC 2334 because they believe that Palestine has to be “from the river to the sea” as creation of Israel occupied Arab land. Jewish Studies scholars do not believe in Israel, in the Jewish people and in the Ten Commandments. Coincidental Jews.