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Where Do We Get the Illusion that Success in Business Means Success in Government?

One thing I’ve learned from my years as a Trustee in Park Forest: government is not a business, nor should it try to be.

Government exists for the interests of those governed, to provide for public safety, as well as services deemed essential by those governed.  The definition of “essential services” will be forever open to debate.  Certainly I would extend “essential services” beyond matters of safety.  Police and Fire Departments are essential services, although there are municipalities that have privatized them.  That is a mistake.  At its heart, government services are, and must remain, non-profit.  Not-for-profit.

Here’s my dilemma: where did some people get the idea that just because someone is successful in business, they will therefore be successful in government?

Business and government are two entirely different animals.

More later.  Just floating the question for now.