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Some Changes at ENEWSPF, and an Evening Off

Hello all.  This is blog commentary, and I’m just going to share a few random thoughts and ideas about this week’s edition, plus a few things going “under-the-hood” on so you can better make use of eNews Park Forest.

First issue: logging on to the front-end. We recently upgraded our template.  However, our “social component” does not properly work with the template as we would like. So, when you login to the front-end, you are likely getting a blank, white screen.

You can remedy this by immediately going back to  You are logged in correctly.  The new template simply does not know how to render the social component.  We are working on fixing that.

Secondly, you will notice that the new template gives us a few more spaces for menus, and you will see one begin to develop at the very top right-hand corner of the page.  There are two menu items there right now: Faces of the Fallen, a page which simply loads the Washington Post’s page honoring our fallen soldiers; and Stocks, which is self-explanatory.

I hope to have the login problem corrected Monday, or I will pull the social component.

The new template should render pages much better on iPhones and Smartphones.  We are using a different layout for these devices now.

Other than that, please expect your announcement Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning. This Village Board met Saturday from 7:30 a.m. until after 12:30 p.m., our second straight Saturday at work.  While extremely productive, and, for me at least, intellectually stimulating (no joke), I am very tired and plan to take Sunday evening off watching the Steelers and whoever they happen to be playing tonight.

Will work to at least publish police reports and Rosemary Piser’s In and Around Park Forest this evening.

Thanks, all, for reading ENEWSPF!