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SlutWalk Chicago to Host Mass March Against Rape Culture on Saturday, August 12

SlutWalk 2017
Source: Facebook

CHICAGO –(ENEWSPF)—August 10, 2017.  SlutWalk Chicago will hold their annual march to speak out against patriarchy, rape culture, and slut-shaming on Saturday, August 12th at noon. The march will begin at Lake Shore Park, 808 N. Lake Shore Drive in Chicago. SlutWalk Chicago stands in solidarity with all survivors of sexual violence and seeks to put an end to our culture’s toxic policing of sexuality.

Slutwalk is an openly and proudly anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-transphobic, antifascist, anti-carceral, anti-imperialist, pro queer, pro sex worker organizing collective that holds positions on all of these issues through the understanding that all forms of oppression are inextricably linked to rape culture. SlutWalk Chicago organizers say they know no one can be free until we are all free.

“We welcome all people to Lake Shore Park for a demonstration of resilience and solidarity in the face of the poisonous nature of patriarchy, the increasing inaccessibility of reproductive healthcare, violence against sex workers and trans people, and the carceral police state that upholds all these things,” say SlutWalk Chicago organizers. “As the oldest continuously organized SlutWalk in the country, we are celebrating another year of radical resistance in the face of a culture that would keep us silent and submissive.”

SlutWalk Chicago is an event for survivors and those who support them to push back against the violence of slut-shaming and victim blaming by taking back public space and affirming their resilience by telling their stories. SlutWalk organizers are excited to see the people of Chicago come together to stand against the repressive police state and the violence it supports by claiming ownership of their bodies and experiences.

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Source: SlutWalk Chicago