Rep. Kelly in Time Magazine: “To hell with the rules, kids are dying”


  1. Who needs a representative who does not follow the rules of the people? No one. At the time that her state of Illinois is just days away from defaulting on its debts, being dropped to a “junk” status by all credit agencies as the first state to have it happen to in history, and not able to pay its law enforcement, teacher, retired, or any of its social programs, this highly paid representative, who has no clue pf what her people want is sitting there and reciting the names of criminals killed by the law enforcement guns, and suicides commited out of despair that continues due to people like her. Who does she think she is?

    • Obviously you are not someone who has been touched by gun violence.
      Has following ‘the rules’ solved any of your complaints?
      Didn’t think so.
      What would you have her do to correct in-state problems with those YOU elected that are mis-managing the budget of this state?
      Maybe YOU should get up out of chair and do something?
      Participate. Don’t snipe from the sidelines.
      btw, she’s only been in politics 14 years, how long have YOU been complaining?

      • PZak,
        I have been in the Armed forces for going on last 12 years. Deployed twice, and I am currently deployed. I think I am as far into protecting your side of living well as you find, unlike the representative in question, who is there to line her pockets.

        • And I certainly appreciate your service, having served during the Vietnam era myself. I respect your opinion, but following the rules is how we got where we are today in this state as well as in this country: owned by corporations who have taken away the individual’s voice by ‘purchasing’ a government that is beholden to them.
          Rep. Kelly is not reciting the names of ‘criminals’ killed by law enforcement guns. She is reciting the names of those who died without justification at hand of someone with a gun.
          Illinois is not even in the top 20 in death by firearm per capita.
          If there’s going to be a discussion, then it should be about facts.

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