Three Out Of Four Americans Support Legalizing Medical Marijuana In Their State

New York, NY–(ENEWSPF)–April 8, 2011.  Some three out of four (74 percent) Americans believe that marijuana should be legalized as a ‘medical treatment’ option in their state, according to an online Harris Interactive poll of 3,171 adults. By contrast, fewer than half of respondents (42 percent) say that they support ‘the legalization of marijuana for … recreational use.’

Support for marijuana law reform varies regionally the poll found. Pollsters reported that adults in the East are most supportive of legalizing marijuana for both medical use (80 percent) and for recreational purposes (50 percent). The West is the next most supportive region of the country – with 76 percent of respondents supporting legalizing medical marijuana and 50 percent endorsing its personal use.

In the Midwest, 74 percent of respondents supported legalizing medical cannabis, but less than two in five (39 percent) endorsed legalizing its recreational use. Southerners were least supportive of marijuana law reform, with 69 percent of respondents endorsing medical marijuana legalization and only 34 percent supporting the plant’s broader legalization.

Respondents between the ages of 47 and 65 were most likely (80 percent) to support legalizing cannabis for therapeutic purposes, while respondents age 18 to 34 were most likely (49 percent) to back full legalization.

Results of a Pew Research poll released earlier this month found that Americans’ support for legalizing the adult use of marijuana has risen from 16 percent approval in 1990 to 45 percent today.

Complete details and methodology of the Harris Interactive poll is available online at: