Glenn Beck Attacks Michelle Obama for Trying To Raise Awareness of And Combat Childhood Obesity

Washington, D.C.–(ENEWSPF)– In his continued effort to attack anything related to the Obama administration, Glenn Beck ridiculed first lady Michelle Obama’s initiative to combat the issues of childhood hunger and obesity. Seriously, despite the fact that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that the prevalence of childhood obesity is on the rise — leading to greater incidence of cardiovascular disease, asthma, liver degeneration, diabetes, and psychosocial risks associated with social stigmatization — Beck staked his position against the first lady’s initiative to improve nutrition and exercise among children.

After complaining that too many children receive unearned trophies and drawing a connection from that to 20-year-old workers requesting vacation days, Beck turned his attention to Michelle Obama’s "obesity campaign":

BECK: So now going all out to have government limit the food choices available at our kids’ school, to make sure that grocery stores pop up in what they are calling — and I’m not kidding you — food deserts. There’s no salad bars; it’s a food desert. Then we are going to put the grocery stores instead of fast food businesses.

They’ll limit what we can watch on TV, what ads we can run and how long we can watch. No doubt we’ll start mandating certain kind of activities as part of this wonderful government campaign.

In reality, the Let’s Move initiative aims to issue guidance for front-of-package nutritional labels, educate physicians on childhood obesity, and develop online tools to provide information about health and nutrition. In addition, grants will be available to construct grocery stores and bring farmers’ markets to underserved communities — known as food deserts.

Estimating that $150 billion is spent annually to treat obesity-related health issues, the administration is also calling for reauthorization of the Child Nutrition Act — which helps to provide lunch to 31 million students living at or near the poverty line every school day — all while improving the nutritional standards for school meals.

Sound like the coming of fascist socialism to you? Here’s Beck:

BECK: This is torn from the pages of the progressive playbook. You’re too stupid. You need the government to fix your life, and they agree with you that government has no place in this business. But we’re just going to help make things better.

Yes. They’re coming and they are slowly but surely taking away your freedom under the guise of helping you.


Source: Media Matters for America