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A Future For eNews Park Forest

Dennis Kelley and Gary Kopycinski
I’m the Hobbit-sized person there next to former Marian Catholic student Dennis Kelly. Dennis now plays for the Tennessee Titans. (Photo: ENEWSPF)

Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- This was written originally as a response to a Facebook post about the lack of community support for businesses from Park Forest residents.

That’s a touchy subject, but it bears some exploration.

Devon Lindsay, owner of Earth in Motion in DownTown Park Forest wrote, “I find it interesting that in this group so Many people complain about the lack of businesses, however every business that tries here has great support from the village but terrible support from the community. How can you expect change in your own community if you don’t support the businesses in the area? The village has been amazing with offering resources, however us small business owners need more support from the community members. The more support, the more growth we have. The more growth, more jobs are created and taxes that are paid into the community. The better the businesses here do, then more businesses will come. It takes a community to take action, not just a few key leaders.”

I appreciate Ms. Lindsay’s sentiments and have felt despondent about this for quite some time. I’m running a business that struggles to stay afloat each month, and I take virtually nothing for myself each month. Maybe a couple of hundred every other month or so.


And, really, not looking for pity.

So, maybe it’s been more of a hobby at times, but we’re an incredible resource at eNews Park Forest.

And I know I need to do more. Much more.

For the business owners who have commented in that thread, and for business owners reading here, we have a business directory that likely already includes all of you. Business owners or their representatives just need to claim their free listings. For only $15 a month, you get more, including the ability to advertise events at your business (that’s crazy inexpensive advertising). For only $50 a month, you get a whole lot more.

Our site has been up for 11 years. In that time, we’ve earned a Domain Authority currently ranked at 53/100. Check it here. That’s crazy high for a news site. We are now also archived in Newsbank, an “online resources provide researchers of every kind with valuable information on any topic imaginable.” You might come across our stories there while at the Park Forest Library while doing research. That archive runs independent of us, and will be there for years to come.

For our readers, thank you. I will double down on local content — I’m already behind with some great interviews completed and in the hopper that need to be written up, edited, and published. And the police reports. They’re still coming.

But we do publish an incredible amount of local news and events every week. There will be more.

And we’re going to stay here, publishing news, commentary, and more.

I’m too damn stubborn to quit.

However, there will be some changes.

We are going to have to move to a paid subscription model to continue, and I hope residents support our business too. Already have the framework in place. Looking at $5.00 per month or $55 per year for premium content.

Some content will remain free.

But, please, check out our business directory. There are at least 5 zip codes there — and, again, with a shout-out to Park Forest businesses, if you register and pay, you get premium placement. Your business page on our site becomes a direct door to your web page, to your business.

Please, take another look at a local business. Readers and businesses alike, explore our business directory, and see how much there is to do here, in our town, Park Forest.

Thanks again for reading. And thanks to Devon Lindsay for starting that thread on Facebook.