Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. Issues Voluntary Recall of Certain Products After Sunflower Seed Supplier Expands Recall Due to Listeria Concerns

Day Break 5pk Cranberry Almond Bar

Meal 5pk Strawberry Almond Bar

DENVER, CO. –(ENEWSPF)–June 6, 2016.   Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. (“company”) is issuing a voluntary recall of limited lot codes of certain bar products. These products contain or may have come in contact with equipment that processed product containing sunflower seeds distributed by supplier SunOpta, Inc. that have the potential to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.

There have been no reports of illness associated with the consumption of these products. The company is initiating a voluntary recall in an abundance of caution and care for the consumer due to an expanded recall initiated by sunflower seed supplier SunOpta, Inc. Products potentially affected are detailed with picture, lot code, UPC code and best by date and can be found at the bottom of this press release.

Consumption of food contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes can cause listeriosis, an uncommon, but potentially fatal disease. Healthy people rarely contract listeriosis. However, listeriosis can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in those with weak immune systems, such as infants, the elderly, pregnant women and persons with human immunodeficiency virus (“HIV”) infection or undergoing chemotherapy. Symptoms include high fever, severe headaches, neck stiffness, nausea, confusion, and convulsions.

Consumers are urged to destroy any potentially affected product and contact Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. Customer Service at 855.201.4611 or [email protected] Monday through Friday during the hours of 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. EST to request a coupon towards a free replacement product. Media with questions may contact Jennifer Livingston, Director of Public Relations at 303.620.8148 or [email protected].

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Item Number Carton UPC Number Product Lot Code Best By Date
505687 637480055062 Day Break 5pk Cranberry Almond Bar K52702 9/27/2016
K52712 9/28/2016
K52722 9/29/2016
K52924 10/19/2016
K52934 10/20/2016
K52944 10/21/2016
K53432 12/9/2016
K53442 12/10/2016
K53452 12/11/2016
K60562 2/25/2017
K60882 3/28/2017
K60892 3/29/2017
K60902 3/30/2017
K61162 4/25/2017
K61172 4/26/2017
205900 637480025904 Meal 5pk Strawberry Almond Bar K53102 11/6/2016
K53132 11/9/2016
205925 637480059251 Meal 5pk Cinnamon Bun Bar K53484 12/14/2016
305400 637480035408 Snack 5pk Triple Chocolate Bar K61182 4/27/2017
406659 637480046060 Meal 6pk Chocolate Chip Granola Bar BONUS K53152 11/11/2016
K53162 11/12/2016
K53172 11/13/2016
205600 637480025669 Meal 5pk Blueberry Greek Yogurt K52944 10/21/2016
K52954 10/22/2016
K53142 11/10/2016
K60902 3/30/2017
K60912 3/31/2017
K60922 4/1/2017
505320 637480055321 Day Break 5pk Chocolate Hazelnut Bar K52964 10/23/2016
K53504 12/16/2016
K53514 12/17/2016
K53524 12/18/2016
305211 637480035057 Snack 5pk Caramel Double Chocolate Crunch Bar K53494 12/15/2016
K53504 12/16/2016
205850 637480025850 Snack 5pk Cashew Trail Mix Bar K53524 12/18/2016
505221 637480055024 Day Break 5pk Peanut Butter Fudge Crisp Bar K52732 9/30/2016
K52742 10/1/2016
K61192 4/29/2017
K61202 4/30/2017
*Target Corporation Only
637480022774 Meal 5pk Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Bar K61233 5/2/2017




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