Watch Sen. McConnell Speed Past 1,000 Kentucky Constituents to Attend Private Meeting With 50 People

KENTUCKY–(ENEWSPF)–February 21, 2017

By Jen Hayden

You can run, but you can’t hide forever, Mitch.

This was the scene inside Sen. Mitch McConnell’s constituent meeting today, where he met with around 50 people

The event was “RSPV” (facepalm—how does one RSPV?) only through the county chamber and there were a lot of rules for entry, if you made it that far:

Here’s what was happening outside this phony town hall: a raucous crowd of more than 1,000 constituents chanted “You work for us!” and McConnell sped by in a SUV with blacked-out windows. Watch and listen to the people of Kentucky demanding that Mitch McConnell start taking their calls.

Police or the Chamber themselves used barbed wire to ensure protesters were 1,000 feet away from the door, so delicate Mitch McConnell didn’t have be bothered with the sights and sounds of his constituents up close:

McConnell was reportedly whisked away just as quickly as he appeared and his staff had the gall to brag on Facebook about McConnell meeting with the people.

McConnell’s main chamber meeting message was that he’s winning, get over it:

Although there was no video allowed, Teri Carter was able to capture short clips, including one man in a Trump hat heatedly arguing with a woman who asked McConnell about health care.

As you can see in another video from Teri Carter, there may have been more items on the buffet table than there were select attendees:

Mitch McConnell is allegedly going to do more of these “public” events this week and his constituents are vowing to show up at every single one, whether his lackeys bar the doors or not.

Want to see if your elected representatives are going to be holding a town hall near you? CLICK HERE TO SEE THE TOWN HALL PROJECT’S LIST OF EVENTS.​ If your representative is not on that list, call them and ask to hold a town hall.


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