Watch Bernie Sanders Slam USA Today Reporter for Inappropriate Question

UTAH–(ENEWSPF)–November 19, 2016

By Egberto Willies

USA Today reporter got under Bernie Sanders’ skin when he asked the typical shallow questions we are all used to from our derelict media.

“Sir looking forward to 2020,”  USA Today reporter Herb Jackson asked. “Could you give us your thoughts about who you think might be the Democratic standard bearer? And do you have any thoughts on Cory Booker?”

Bernie Sanders was not very kind as he replied to the reporter.

“I am reading the last chapter of my book on corporate media,” said Bernie Sanders. “I think this is incredible. And I have to say this in all due respect. Are we? Already? We haven’t inaugurated this president and we’re talking about 2020 because it’s easy to write about. What about talking about climate change and whether the planet survives. What about talking about income and wealth inequality in medical. What about talking about youth unemployment in African American communities up 30, 40 percent.  What about talking about immigration reform criminal justice reform. Those are the issues that the American people need to be engaged in; to start talking about who’s gonna be running in 2080. And look at you. You look like a good candidate. I mean how much money do you have. Maybe we will run you. I mean, I don’t mean to be rude. But the American people are tired of that. They really are. They would like to hear serious discussion on serious issues. Who is running in 2020, what 2090 is of concern? And I got to tell, people are turning off their TVs. They are tired of, you know, all of that stuff. So in all due respect. We got serious problems in this country. And let’s talk about the serious issues and not worry who’s going to be running in 4 years when we haven’t even inaugurated the president who just won.”

It is evident that the media will continue to operate as an enterprise devoid of real curiosity. Many of them continue to show with their questions and lack thereof that they do not intend to provide the deep probing, thinking, and investigative reporting the country desperately needs.



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