U.S. State Department Updates Algeria Travel Warning, Dec. 13, 2016

Map of Algeria

Washington, DC–(ENEWSPF)–December 13, 2016. The Department of State continues to warn U.S. citizens against travel to remote areas in southern and eastern Algeria, as well as isolated parts of the Kabylie region, due to a high threat of terrorist attacks and kidnapping. This replaces the Travel Warning for Algeria dated March, 1 2016.

Terrorist groups remain active. While major cities are heavily policed, extremists have conducted attacks (often using bombs, ambushes, or false roadblocks) in the mountainous Kabylie region (provinces of Boumerdes, Tizi Ouzou, Bouira, and Bejaia) and the southern and eastern border regions, including the Chaambi mountains area, south of Souk Ahras, near the Tunisian border.

Although most attacks are directed towards Algerian military or police, in September 2014, an ISIL-affiliated group abducted and beheaded a French citizen in the Kabylie region. In January 2013, an Al-Qaeda-linked organization attacked a gas production facility near In Amenas, Algeria, near the Libyan border, holding foreign and Algerian workers hostage, with dozens killed, including three U.S. citizens.

U.S. citizens should:

  • avoid travel within 50 km (31 miles) of the eastern border and within 450 km (280 miles) of the southern border.
  • avoid overland travel across the Sahara.  Travel to Saharan cities only by air.
  • remain on principal highways when traveling to coastal/mountainous areas east of Algiers and the mountains immediately south of Algiers.
  • always travel with reputable Algerian travel agents who know the area.
  • avoid staying overnight outside of the main cities and tourist locations.
  • inform local police when staying in locations outside of major cities.

The Algerian government requires all foreign employees of foreign companies or organizations based in Algeria to contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before traveling in the country’s interior so that the Government can evaluate need for police coordination. The Algerian government also requires U.S. Embassy employees to coordinate all staff travel outside of the Algiers wilaya (province) with the government; for this reason U.S. consular services may be limited outside of the Algiers wilaya.

For further information:

Source: http://state.gov



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