NAACP Leads the Resistance Against Sessions’ Attorney General Nomination

ALABAMA–(ENEWSPF)–January 3, 2017

By Joan McCarter

Sen. Sessions on his way to kissing Trump’s ring.

The NAACP is going to make Sen. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions’ nomination for attorney general a massive fight.

“He could be a nightmare for civil rights for all people,” Alabama State Conference NAACP Political Action Committee Chairman Jerry Burnet said of Sessions.On Tuesday morning the NAACP will converge on Senator Sessions’ Huntsville office to voice their concerns. The organization will also hold press conferences in Birmingham, Montgomery, Dothan and Mobile.

They’re not just converging on Sessions’ office: they’re occupying it.

This is a very good way of focusing attention on just what a disaster Sessions would be for civil rights in this nation.



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