European Council President Lists New American Administration Among Threats to the EU

EU–(ENEWSPF)–January 31, 2017

By BMScott

Donal Tusk, President of the European Council

On the eve of the informal Malta summit, Donald Tusk, President of the European Council, just released the text of his letter United We Stand, Divided We Fall to the 27 EU heads of state or heads of government on the future of the EU. In it he discusses three threats to the European Union. One paragraph is of especial interest to Americans:

The first threat, an external one, is related to the new geopolitical situation in the world and around Europe. An increasingly, let us call it, assertive China, especially on the seas, Russia’s aggressive policy towards Ukraine and its neighbours, wars, terror and anarchy in the Middle East and in Africa, with radical Islam playing a major role, as well as worrying declarations by the new American administration all make our future highly unpredictable. For the first time in our history, in an increasingly multipolar external world, so many are becoming openly anti-European, or Eurosceptic at best. Particularly the change in Washington puts the European Union in a difficult situation; with the new administration seeming to put into question the last 70 years of American foreign policy.

That’s a pretty blunt statement for a diplomat, and it unambiguously puts us in pretty bad company.


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