Veterans for Peace is Headed to Occupy Freedom Plaza in Washington DC Beginning Oct 6th

St. Louis, MO–(ENEWSPF)–October 3, 2011.  

 Brothers and Sisters,

It is not an exaggeration that in a few short days, one of the most potentially significant events regarding our future on this planet will begin. That event is of course, Stop the Machine!  Create a New World! beginning October 6th in Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC. This is more than an event, it is a wave of stand up, take space, human resistance to corporate state greed and violence – a wave that is sweeping the world and has now come to the U.S. I’m proud that Veterans For Peace activists have been centrally involved in the intense organizing going on these last 6 months. Also grateful that many other veterans and VFP associate members are planning on attending sometime during the days of non-violent occupation in October. Many of us have responded to the call put out for peacekeeper and will be at the training on October 5th.

Coming on the heels of the Occupy Wall street event in NYC  it is our deep hope that hundreds if not thousands of VFP members will turn out to experience and participate directly in what democracy looks like and make a strong showing for this historically important event.

The world wide wave of people standing up for peace and democracy has come to America.

Look forward to seeing many veterans in Freedom Plaza. Onward!

Tarak Kauff
Veterans For Peace Direct Action Team