Military Personnel, Their Families and Veterans to Ask President Obama, ‘Where’s Our Beer Summit?’ Sunday, October 9 at Noon

Washington, DC–(ENEWSPF)–October 7, 2011.  

WHAT:  Where’s our beer summit?  President Obama met with Sgt James Crowley and Henry Louis Gates Jr. in August 2009. Military families and veterans who oppose the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan want to have their “beer summit” and talk with Obama. Do we not count? After ten years of war in Afghanistan and eight years of war in Iraq, veterans, military families and military personnel want to know why US forces are still in both countries and have a beer to discuss this with President Obama. Currently the American public is overwhelmingly in favor of troops leaving both countries, especially in light of our economic crisis where funds for veterans’ care are needed because of the continuing casualties and families are devastated by long-term care for their wounded. “We want some answers, and President Obama is the commander-in-chief; he owes answers to those who sacrifice much everyday and have sacrificed in the past for this country. Col Ann Wright (Ret.) says, “It’s high time that President Obama met with military families, Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and veterans from other wars who don’t agree with his polices on war and their effects on veterans and families.”

WHO: Military Personnel, Military Families Speak Out, and Veterans

WHEN: Sunday, Oct 9, 2011; March starts at 11:30 AM, arrive White House at 12:00 noon

WHERE: Veterans and Military families will march from Freedom Plaza to Lafayette Park, and then to the front of the White House.