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PFPD: Man Charged with DUI Calls Arresting Officer “Belligerent”

Park Forest, IL—(ENEWSPF)—Police said a Chicago Heights man called the officer who pulled him over “belligerent” as the officer asked him questions. A BrAC test showed the man had more than three times the legal limit of alcohol in his system, police said. He now faces charges of DUI and more.

These reports take us to April 20.

Park Forest Police Blotter Reports Through April 20, 2024

Criminal Damage to Property

Police charged Kaliyah T. Bell, Park Forest, with misdemeanor criminal damage to property on April 14th. Police responded to an address on Neola Street to investigate a disturbance. The complainant alleged that Kaliyah Bell came to their residence and caused a disturbance, according to police. Ms. Bell allegedly knocked on a window to the house door while wearing brass knuckles on her hand. In doing so, she reportedly shattered the window to the door, according to police.

Felony Possession of a Stolen Motor Vehicle

Police arrested Cai J. McGee-Jones, 24, Park Forest, on April 18th and charged her with felony possession of a stolen motor vehicle.

Police responded to a business in the 400 block of Sauk Trail at 4:55 PM regarding a stolen vehicle report. They met with the complainant, who said he had parked his black 2019 Honda Civic in front of the store while the engine was still on. He took his keys with him but left the car unlocked, according to police.

When he went back outside, he discovered the vehicle was not where he parked it. The victim said he had a black book bag, a MacBook Pro, an iPad, and a black iPhone 6 inside the car. He tracked his vehicle through his iPhone, which was still inside the car. He provided the responding officer with live updates about its location.

University Park Police Assist

Another officer advised ISPERN, the Illinois State Police Emergency Radio Network, of the stolen vehicle.

An officer went to the store and reviewed video surveillance. He saw a man with a beard, puffy jacket, gray hoodie, and black and white Nike shoes. The man walked out of the store and allegedly got into the victim’s vehicle, according to police. That person, later identified as Cai J McGee-Jones, drove away with the victim’s vehicle, according to police.

The officer provided dispatch with the alleged offender’s description and advised the University Park Police Department to check the area near University Parkway and Governors Highway.

Shortly thereafter, UP police advised that they located a subject matching the description of the alleged offender. According to police, they subsequently detained him at a Speedway gas station. The officer from Park Forest and two detectives went to the Speedway gas station and positively identified McGee-Jones, according to police. They arrested Mr. McGee-Jones on suspicion of stealing the Honda Civic.

Violation of an Order of Protection

Police arrested Shaneice N. Bell, 32, Park Forest, on April 18th and charged her with violation of an order of protection.

An officer responded to the Park Forest Police Department at 7:09 PM to respond to a request from someone who wished to speak with an officer. The complainant was in the lobby requesting assistance with an order of protection, according to police.

The responding officer spoke with the Records Department and obtained a copy of the order of protection (OP). According to the police, the complainant left the lobby before speaking with the officer.

The officer went to the address indicated on the OP and saw Shaneice N. Bell. The officer advised Ms. Bell of the emergency protection order and informed her of the stipulations.

The officer advised her to leave the residence. According to the report, police gave her multiple opportunities to gather belongings and contact a relative. The officer offered an escort. “She verbally refused,” according to police, and repeatedly told officers to leave the residence.

At approximately 8:16 PM, the responding officer advised Ms. Bell that he was arresting her on suspicion of violating an order of protection.

Domestic Battery

Police arrested Waynique Y. Jackson, 19, Park Forest, on April 19th and charged her with domestic battery.

Officers responded to a home on Kentucky Street at 7:59 PM to investigate a disturbance report. The complainant alleged that a man “put his hands” on her. She refused the paramedics who responded, according to police.

The caller, Waynique Jackson, told police that the home was messy and the man was not keeping it clean like he was supposed to, according to police. She alleged that he tried to smoke cannabis, but she pushed the cannabis off the table, according to police. Ms. Jackson then alleged that he punched her in the left side of her face, and she began defending herself. She alleged that he pushed her against a refrigerator and dog cage, according to police.

Ms. Jackson further alleged that the man hit his head on a table to make it appear that she hit him, according to police. She said that made his head bleed, police said

Another officer responded to the scene.

Police Find a Man on the Floor

Police found the man lying on the living room floor. He was able to get up and sit on the couch. The inside of his lower lip was bleeding, and the left side of his forehead had redness and bruising that looked fresh, according to police.

He told police that he and Ms. Jackson were arguing when she allegedly tossed his cannabis to the floor, according to police. When he went to pick it up, Ms. Jackson allegedly kicked his head and face, causing the cut to his lower lip, according to the report.

He reported feeling dizzy from the kick in the head, according to police.

Police arrested Ms. Jackson on suspicion of domestic battery. While in custody, she allegedly “made spontaneous statements that she did not mean to kick [the man] and that she did not mean to do that to him,” according to the report.

Violation of an Order of Protection

Police arrested Shaneice N. Bell, 33, Park Forest, on April 19th and charged her with violation of an order of protection.

Officers responded to a home on Blackhawk Drive at 8:48 PM to investigate a report of violating an order of protection. The complainant said he obtained the order of protection on Ms. Bell “due to physical threats made on his life,” according to the report. He told police that Ms. Bell was inside the home and alleged that she violated the order of protection, according to police.

When police entered, they found Ms. Bell standing in the living room, trying to gather items, according to police. An officer advised her that she violated an order of protection and arrested her.

Report: DUI BrAC Over .08. Driver Calls Officer “Belligerent”

Darion C. Moses Jr.
Darion C. Moses Jr. (Photo: PFPD)

Police arrested Darion C. Moses Jr., 33, Chicago Heights, on April 20th and charged him with aggravated speeding, no front-mounted registration, operation of an uninsured motor vehicle, unlawful possession of adult-use cannabis in a motor vehicle, driving under the influence of alcohol, and DUI BrAC greater than .08. Mr. Moses had an initial court date on May 28th, 2024. He allegedly called the arresting officer “belligerent” when the officer began asking him questions.

According to police, an officer conducting stationary speed enforcement in the 23400 block of Western Avenue at 4:20 PM saw a silver Buick heading northbound on Western Avenue from Sycamore Drive at a high rate of speed. The officer said in his report that the vehicle was traveling 66 miles per hour in the posted 40 mph zone. According to police, he activated the emergency lighting on his patrol vehicle and curbed the Buick on Steger Road just east of Western Avenue.

Driver Rolls Window Down Two Inches

After approaching the car, the officer spoke with the driver, later identified as Darion C. Moses, and asked that he roll down the passenger window so they could talk. Mr. Moses did so but immediately rolled the window back up, leaving only about 2 inches open, according to police. The officer again asked Mr. Moses to roll the window down. Mr. Moses allegedly refused, according to police.

After explaining the reason for the stop, the officer asked Mr. Moses for his driver’s license and insurance. Mr. Moses gave the officer an envelope from the Secretary of State with his license in it but was unable to find his insurance, according to police.

Report: Man Tells Officer, “Stop being belligerent, bro.”

While speaking with Mr. Moses, the officer detected “an overwhelming odor of alcoholic beverage emanating from Moses’ vehicle,” according to the report. The officer further noted that Mr. Moses’ speech was slurred, and his eyes were bloodshot and glassy, according to police.

According to police, Mr. Moses allegedly refused to tell the officer what time his last drink was that night. After further discussion, he allegedly turned his head to the officer and said, “Officer Karl, stop being belligerent, bro.”

The officer asked him again what time he had taken his last drink. According to police, Mr. Moses allegedly told the officer that “he does not answer questions.”

Another officer arrived to assist.

Driver Asks for a “White Shirt” to Come to the Scene

The officer who pulled Mr. Moses over again asked him when his last drink was that day. According to police, Mr. Moses refused to answer and told the officer he felt disrespected.

The officer asked Mr. Moses to perform field sobriety tests. Before he did so, Mr. Moses asked for a “white shirt” to respond to the scene. The officer subsequently requested that Commander Varga come to the scene.

At around 4:36 PM, Commander Varga arrived at the scene and spoke with Mr. Moses, “who ultimately did not have any questions or concerns for [him],” according to police. Police said Mr. Moses then agreed to perform field sobriety tests.

The officer instructed Mr. Moses to perform the horizontal gaze nystagmus test. Mr. Moses allegedly began to argue with the officer about the instruction. Ultimately, however, he agreed to perform the test, according to police.

After that test, the officer explained the walk-and-turn test. However, the officer said in his report that Mr. Moses “became belligerent and began yelling at officers,” according to police. The officer asked if he was refusing to take the test. Mr. Moses allegedly responded, “Absolutely,” according to police.

Police then informed Mr. Moses they were arresting him on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. At the station, Mr. Moses submitted a breath sample at 5:24 PM, which yielded a .259 BrAC, according to police.

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