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Park Forest Police Blotter Reports – Early August 2019 Addendum

K9 Tucker, Park Forest Police
K9 Tucker of the Park Forest Police Department. (Photo: PFPD)

Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- These police reports are an addendum to reports written in the first part of August 2019. We had to ask for further clarification of these. Sometimes, albeit rarely, the age of a person arrested and charged is not in the report we receive, or charges are pending further investigation by detectives. While this information is included in other parts of the program the PFPD uses to document incidents, not all information always makes its way into the redacted narrative, which is what the media sees. Among other things, items redacted include names of complainants or others present when the police show up at a scene, birth dates, and vehicle registration numbers.

We note that the Park Forest Police Department is always extremely forthcoming regarding requests for information and clarification.

Charges for those arrested and reported in this addendum include aggravated assault, possession of a stolen motor vehicle, and felony aggravated discharge of a firearm.

A few new items readers might want to consider: Park Forest Police now wear body cameras. Every report for the past few months ends with a line similar to this, “This incident was captured on body-worn cameras. See Supplemental reports for further.”

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eNews Park Forest has always published addresses of those arrested and will continue to do so. 5 ILCS 140/2.15 states that the governmental body (for these reports, the Police Department), shall release information on those who have been charged, including their name, age, and address. This information is necessary to ensure the proper identity of those arrested.

An arrest does not mean that a person is guilty. All those arrested are presumed innocent until proven guilty. It is the policy of eNews Park Forest to not remove items in the public record from publication. If your name is listed in the police reports, we will only add information relevant to the final disposition of the case at hand, e.g. “Mr. Smith was subsequently acquitted,” “Mr. Smith entered a guilty plea,” or “All charges against Mr. Smith were subsequently dropped.” We will do so upon receiving and verifying proof of such disposition.

Persons wishing to leave anonymous information on any criminal matters including narcotics or gang activity are encouraged to call the Park Forest Police Department Investigations Division at (708) 748-1309.

eNews Park Forest reports this information because the public in the United States has the right to know.  When that information is withheld or under-reported, it leaves questions.  We also want to show the work that the police force does every day that is not reported.  Police in Park Forest respond to thousands of calls per year, the vast majority of which do not end up with arrests.  Whether it’s conducting a routine investigation, pulling over a drunk driver, or responding to a possible theft at a store, the work of the police officer deserves acknowledgment by the public.

Domestic Battery, Suspended Driver’s License

Larry V. White Jr., 33, 412 New Salem St., Park Forest, was arrested on August 1 and charged with domestic battery, interfering with the reporting of domestic violence, driving while license was suspended, driving with a suspended registration, and failure to use a turn signal. Officers were dispatched to the 100 block of North Orchard Drive at 7:06 PM regarding a report of a disturbance.

The complainant said that a man was allegedly battering a woman and left the scene in a gray Chevrolet Malibu.

Police spoke with the alleged victim who said that Larry White Jr. had allegedly hit her multiple times while driving to his residence from the Walmart in Olympia Fields, according to police. She said that she asked him about an Instagram message between him and an unknown woman and Mr. White Jr. became enraged over her assumptions, pulled over on Route 30, and allegedly began to punch her on her head and face with his fists, according to police.

She said she tried to call police but Mr. White Jr. allegedly knocked the phone out of her hand and it fell to the vehicle’s floorboard, according to police.

She then attempted to spray Mr. White Jr. with a small can of pepper spray but Mr. White Jr. was able to take the pepper spray away from her, according to the report.

During the alleged altercation, Mr. White Jr. allegedly bit her left shoulder as she attempted to pull away from him, according to police.

An officer informed other responding units that Mr. White Jr. was wanted on suspicion of domestic battery and provided the description of the vehicle he was driving. Police conducted a traffic stop at the intersection of Orchard Drive and Route 30 after the vehicle Mr. White Jr. was driving allegedly failed to use a turn signal when turning and police learned that the registration of the vehicle had been suspended, according to police.

Misdemeanor Aggravated Assault

Khadejah B. Pettis, 24, 263 Miami St., Park Forest, was arrested on August 2 and charged with misdemeanor aggravated assault after police were dispatched to the 200 block of Miami Street to investigate a report of a domestic disturbance.

A man who had called 911 was reporting that Khadejah Pettis was allegedly attempting to run him over with her vehicle and that she was armed with a handgun, according to police.

A responding officer checked the area for the vehicle described by the man and curbed the vehicle at the intersection of Blackhawk Drive and Suwanee Street, according to police. Police did see video footage provided by the alleged victim that showed Ms. Pettis allegedly holding a handgun, according to police. However, police were unable to locate a handgun when they took Ms. Pettis into custody, according to the report.

Two Felony Charges for One Man

Zakariya A. Abdulmalik, 34, 415 Stanton St., Park Forest, was arrested on August 3 and charged with aggravated discharge of a firearm, a Class 1 felony, and aggravated domestic battery, a Class 2 felony, after police responded to the area of Homan Avenue and Indiana Street to meet with a man who reported that he and his girlfriend had just been shot at, according to police.

The couple said that they had just left a house on Stanton Street where Zakariya A. Abdulmalik lives. The couple stated that Mr. Abdulmalik was intoxicated, told them to leave his house, and then allegedly fired a gun at one of them as they were walking away, according to police.

The couple was not struck by the one round that Mr. Abdulmalik allegedly fired, according to police.

Police went to 415 Stanton Street and took Mr. Abdulmalik into custody and detectives continued the investigation.

Possession of a Stolen Motor Vehicle

Demaris M. Gibson, 24, 63 Marquette St., Park Forest, was arrested on August 7 and charged with one count of possession of a stolen motor vehicle after police responded to the first block of Marquette Street to investigate a stolen vehicle report.

While they were on their way, SouthCom Dispatch advised officers that the complainant reported that his vehicle had been stolen. Upon arrival, police observed a white Crown Victoria that matched the description of the stolen vehicle.

At the residence, police located Mr. Gibson and took him into custody.