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Park Forest Burglary Dispatch Through June 30, 2019

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Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- This batch of burglary reports includes residential burglaries and reports of burglaries to motor vehicles. In most cases, vehicles burglarized had been left unlocked or easily accessible.

6/15/19 21:57: Residential Burglary, Alleged Victim Possibly Targeted

On June 15 at 9:57 PM officers responded to the 300 block of Oakwood Street to investigate a report of a residential burglary. Upon arrival, officers spoke with a resident who related that upon returning home, she had observed that the garage sliding door was off its track and had been slightly raised open about one foot.

The resident discovered that the exterior window screen she kept taped to her bedroom window had been removed and placed up against the residence. In her bedroom, the resident noticed several boxes laying on her bed that had not been there previously.

Inside the residence, the words “Fat Bitch” were written in pencil on the wall next to the rear-entry door.

The only things that were missing were three Invicta wristwatches, seven Pandora bracelets, seven collectible silver bars, and four Coach purses.

The resident stated that the alarm system had not been turned on while she had been away.

The resident stated that she believed she was targeted and shared suspect information with police. The resident stated that one of the alleged suspects had previously threatened to beat her up and take her husband away from her.

The resident wished to sign criminal complaints against the person responsible for burglarizing her residence.

Officers cleared the residence with negative results and did not notice any signs of forced entry. Officers attempted to contact the husband with negative results. There is no further information at this time.

6/18/19 22:52: Residential Burglary

On June 18 at 10:52 PM officers were dispatched to the 200 block of Gentry Street to investigate a residential burglary which was just discovered by the complainant. Upon arrival to the scene, officers spoke with the complainant who related that upon returning home she had discovered several items were missing from her house. She stated that once she was inside the residence, she observed the westside door was slightly ajar.

Upon further inspection, she observed that the TV in her living room and her son’s PS4 were missing. The complainant related that if an arrest was made, she would be willing to sign criminal complaints. Officers processed the scene but did not notice anything of evidentiary value.

6/19/19 17:06: Delayed Report of Residential Burglary

On June 19 at 5:06 PM officers were dispatched to the 100 block of Sauk Trail to investigate a delayed residential burglary. On arrival, officers spoke with the resident who related that at approximately 5:00 PM he had returned home and noticed that his garbage can had been moved and placed under the kitchen window in the rear of the house.

He entered the residence through the rear door which was locked. He went through the residence and observed that a stainless-steel ring worth $800 was missing, along with a diamond bracelet, a Movado watch, and a couple of earrings. Officers arrived to photograph and process the scene. One officer recovered evidence from outside the home. Officers collected latent fingerprints from the exterior windowsill.

Officers were later notified that a silver Dell laptop was also missing from the residence and that the kitchen faucet had been damaged possibly due to the alleged offender entering from the kitchen window.

6/24/19 11:20: Premise Exam After Alarm System Alerts Resident

On June 24 at 11:20 AM officers responded to the 500 block of Illinois Street for a premise exam. The homeowner had received a notification that their alarm system detected the kitchen door was open. A neighbor was asked to check the residence and observed the kitchen door and a window on the rear of the residence were open.

Officers checked the interior of the residence and did not locate anyone inside; however, someone had forced their way through the rear basement window. It did not appear to officers that any large items had been taken due to officers observing several TVs and laptops. Upstairs, officers observed several dresser drawers slightly open, however, they did not appear to be ransacked.

Officers processed the scene and found nothing of evidentiary value. Officers did observe a muddy shoe print on a portion of a white paper blind which measured to be approximately 10-inches long. The owner of the residence advised that nothing appeared to be missing or stolen. The owner related that she would be willing to sign complaints against whoever unlawfully entered her residence.

6/25/19 4:54: Burglary to Motor Vehicle

On June 25 at approximately 4:54 AM officers were dispatched to the 100 block of Hemlock Street to investigate a report of a burglary to a motor vehicle which was just discovered. Officers spoke with the owner of the vehicle who related that she remembers securing the vehicle, however, that morning she had observed that her rear passenger seat was ajar.

Upon closer inspection of the vehicle, she found that papers and items once contained in the glove box and center console had been scattered through the vehicle. She observed that a work I.D. was missing along with $300 USC in singles, a brown Michael Kors wallet, an orange and white bag filled with banking papers, and an iPhone.

The owner believed the suspect may have used a tool to automatically roll her windows down to gain access to the car. She stated if there was an arrest, she would be willing to sign criminal complaints. Officers processed the vehicle but noticed nothing of evidentiary value. No further information is available at this time.

6/25/19 5:31: Delayed Report of Burglary to Motor Vehicle

On June 25 at 5:31 AM officers were dispatched to the first block of Hemlock Street in reference to a delayed burglary to a motor vehicle. Upon arrival, officers spoke with the complainant who related that when he went out to his car, he noticed his rear passenger door was ajar.

Upon further inspection, the complainant observed items missing from the vehicle including, an iPhone 8, a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and an unknown amount of loose change. The complainant state that his driver’s door handle was popped out and told the police this was “new damage,” according to the report. He stated that if an arrest was made, he would be willing to sign criminal complaints.

Officers processed the vehicle but located nothing of evidentiary value. No suspect information is available at this time.

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