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Man Charged in Connection with Saturday’s “Domestic-Related Barricade” CodeRED Incident

Talala Elementary School
Police used Talala Elementary School as a “staging area” during an hours-long “domestic-related barricade” situation Saturday in the 400 block of Tomahawk Street. (Photo: Gary Kopycinski)

Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- Park Forest Police described the situation on Saturday as an “on-going domestic-related barricade situation in the 400 block of Tomahawk Street.” The incident triggered a CodeRED alert to residents in the immediate area and then throughout the village.

The incident, which began at 4:30 AM on July 27 lasted almost six hours, was resolved peacefully, ending in an arrest and charges.

Donnie D. Woods, 46, 451 Tomahawk St., Park Forest, was arrested on July 27 and charged with aggravated assault to a peace officer, domestic battery, and resisting a peace officer after police responded at 4:30 AM to a home in the 400 block of Tomahawk Street in reference to a report of a domestic disturbance. The complainant said that there was a man in a blue house allegedly yelling in the street to “go ahead and call the police,” according to the report.

Upon arrival, an officer parked his squad car approximately four houses north of the reported address. The officer approached the residence on foot and heard a man and woman yelling at each other. The woman’s voice sounded like she was in distress, according to the report.

Other officers responded to the scene as well.

The officer knocked on the door and announced his office.

A man later believed to be Donnie Woods, shouted from inside the residence that he and a woman were having sex, according to police. Due to the officer’s suspicion that the woman’s voice when she was speaking sounded “to be panicked and trembling in nature,” according to the report, officers remained on the scene and said that someone must come to the door to ensure that the man and woman were safe.

Mr. Woods allegedly yelled from inside the home again that the woman was naked and they would not be allowing officers inside, according to police.

The woman came to a window and said that everything was okay, although, her voice sounded as if “she was making this statement under duress,” according to the report.

Officers remained at the house while another officer spoke with the complainant who said that the yelling coming from inside that house was so loud that it woke him up and it had been going on for at least an hour, according to police.

Other Park Forest officers responded to the scene and attempted to gain compliance with the residents to either step toward the door and allow police to come inside or for them to meet with officers outside the house.

Mr. Woods again allegedly shouted from inside that he would not allow police to come inside unless they had a warrant, according to police. Police informed Mr. Woods that they were not leaving the premises at which point Mr. Woods allegedly replied, “If you come through, I will shoot y’all! I will shoot y’all! I know my rights!”

For the purpose of officer safety, police made a tactical retreat and took up positions setting up a perimeter around the home.

The South Suburban Emergency Response Team (SSERT) responded to the scene. Patrol units from Park Forest were relieved of their respective posts and command of the scene was turned over to SSERT.

The tense incident continued for several more hours. At 10:00 AM, police informed the public on social media, “The South Suburban Emergency Response Team and other partners are on the scene. We can’t provide additional information at this time.”

“Please avoid the area,” police said.

Police reported a large police presence at Talala School that was not related to the school. Police used the school as a staging area for the ongoing situation on Tomahawk Street.

“All non-emergency personnel avoid the area,” police said.

Mr. Woods was later taken into custody without incident and was transported to the Park Forest Police Department. The woman was also transported to the Park Forest Police Department for an interview. She was not charged. After he was processed and charged, Mr. Woods was transported to the Will County Courthouse in Joliet where his pending court date would be scheduled upon his bond hearing, according to police.

At 10:30 a.m., after Mr. Woods was taken into custody, police updated their statement on social media to that effect but that emergency personnel would remain on the scene for a time.