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Two Adults Allegedly Enter School and Yell at & Threaten 4th Grader About Bullying: Police

Michelle Obama School of Technology and the ARTS
Michelle Obama School of Technology and the ARTS (PHOTO SUPPLIED)

Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- Two Park Foresters allegedly entered Michelle Obama School in late January without permission and allegedly yelled and made verbal threats at a nine-year-old fourth-grade student who they accused of bullying, according to police. Timberly T. Davis, 29, and Jeremire J. Johnson, 27, both of the 100 block of Lester Street in Park Forest, were each issued a local administrative adjudication complaint charging disorderly conduct after police responded to the District 163 school on January 22 at 8:12 AM to investigate a report of threats.

The school’s Disciplinary Assistant told the principal that Ms. Davis and Mr. Johnson, themselves parents of a fourth-grader, allegedly entered the school through door #11 without permission, according to police. The two then allegedly began to yell and make verbal threats at a nine-year-old fourth-grade student in the hallway near the cafeteria, according to police.

According to the Disciplinary Assistant, Mr. Johnson and Ms. Davis entered the school and located a nine-year-old student near the cafeteria and began to yell loudly at her regarding alleged incidents of her bullying, according to police. Ms. Davis then allegedly made threats to have someone [identity redacted from the report] physically attack the girl if she continued her alleged bullying, according to police. The Disciplinary Assistant approached Ms. Davis and Mr. Johnson and informed them of the proper way to handle a student issue, according to police. The assistant made several requests for both Ms. Davis and Mr. Johnson to leave the school before they complied, according to the report.

The assistant related that at no time was there any physical altercation between the parents and the child.

Police contacted the mother of the child the two allegedly yelled at, according to police. The mother said she would like to sign complaints against Mr. Johnson and Ms. Davis, according to police.

Police contacted Ms. Davis and Mr. Johnson by telephone and requested that they meet with him at the Park Forest Police Department regarding this incident. The two complied and spoke with the officer at 8:40 AM.

Ms. Davis told an officer that she did not personally speak with the child who had allegedly been bullying and only spoke to the teacher, according to police. Ms. Davis did tell the officer that she informed the teacher that if the child continued to be a bully, she would have [redacted from the report] “kick her ass,” according to police.

Ms. Davis stated that she spoke with school staff on multiple occasions regarding the alleged bullying and that nothing had been done to rectify the situation, according to police. Ms. Davis accused the nine-year-old of allegedly bullying her daughter, physically attacking her at school by pulling her hair and slamming her head onto a desk, according to police.

Mr. Johnson likewise asserted that he never spoke with the child or made any threats, according to police.

The officer issued Mr. Johnson and Ms. Davis each a local administrative adjudication complaint charging disorderly conduct and informed them that they were banned from Michelle Obama School grounds and failure to comply would result in an arrest, according to police.

Statement from Ms. Davis

eNews Park Forest offered to add a statement from Ms. Davis regarding this case. She asked that we add comments she posted on Facebook.

“No we did not approach a 4th grader fyi he barely made it in he was holding the door open for the kids nor did they tell us to leave out and we refused yes I agree I was wrong for entering the lunch area yes I told my daughter to beat her ass if she put her hands on her again but that was only after I explained the situation to the “school officials” he laughed it off and said nothing was going to happen yet it have been so I wasn’t taking any more chances knowing what I knew,” she wrote on.

“My baby is small (skinny) kids try her people use to try me No I don’t teach my daughter violence but i do teach her to defend herself (kids commit suicide everyday because of being bullying, I be damned if mined get bullied so by me being pregnant at the time I was very emotional about the situation but not to were I’ll “attack” a 9 yr old yes I’m very protective over my babies and was fed up with constantly going to that school complaining and nothing being done what provoked my actions were when we pulled up the girl bullying my daughter as well as some other students were standing outside waiting for my daughter to get off the bus like they were about to jump her not knowing she was getting dropped off to school that morning after her coming home telling us the night before that the girl had pushed her head into the desk after just pulling her hair the day before and then stating she wanted to fight her the following day and was going to have her grandma come up to the schoool this was the 3rd time I’ve complained to the school about someone constantly putting there hands on my daughter girl and boys and they did nothing about it but claim they will talk to the student but when I ask for them to call a meeting for us to discuss the issue on hand it never gets done so for them to post this but not state how we went to court and the JUDGE dismissed the charges because the office reviewed the cameras and EVERYTHING they said happened didn’t and what we were saying happened actually happened and added up on video also the accusing complaint refused to come to court for trial after finding out we were pursuing charges on them for falsifying a report on us is outrageous to me!!!”

“Mind you the judge said if I would’ve done anything they accused me of doingvon [sic] the cameras I would’ve been locked up,” she continued.

“I never got arrested and the judge was on my side as well as the officer so they need to POST FACTS they cant [sic] make me look bad I did nothing wrong!!!”

Updates 3-5-2020:

According to police, this case was locally adjudicated on February 20, 2020. The case was “motion nonsuit,” e.g. the defendants pleaded not liable and due to the complaining witness not appearing in court. “The Hearing Officer made this ruling. The case was dismissed,” police said.

Per a request by Ms. Davis, her address was changed to “the 100 block of Lester Street.”

Our policy, shared on other reports, says, “eNews Park Forest has always published addresses of those arrested and will continue to do so. 5 ILCS 140/2.15 states that the governmental body (for these reports, the Police Department),¬†shall¬†release information on those who have been charged, including their name, age, and address. This information is necessary to ensure the proper identity of those arrested.”

In this case, the adults were cited but not formally arrested.