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Resident Falls for Alleged ‘Mystery Shopper’ Scam on Craigs List

Park Forest, IL–(ENEWSPF)– An officer was assigned to investigate a report of a deceptive practice incident on July 20 when a woman arrived at the Park Forest Police Department with a complaint about an alleged scam.

According to police, the resident discovered a job posted on Craigs List for a mystery shopper. The resident corresponded with a person and provided basic information such as her address and telephone number. She then waited for confirmation of a job.

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After a few days passed, she received an e-mail telling her that she would be used as an employee.

She was told that she would receive three Money Gram money orders in the amount of $740 that she was to deposit into her bank account. She was to cash them, keep $300 for her pay and send the remaining $1900 to an individual in Indianapolis, Indiana, using the University Park Currency Exchange.

The woman later learned from her bank that her account was overdrawn for the total amount of $2220, the cost of the money orders, and a $30 overdraft fee. The money orders came back to Chase Bank as altered or fictitious, according to police. Police continue to investigate.

Summer and Fall at Prairie State College
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