Local Police Reports

Police Rescue Two Children Living in ‘Deplorable Conditions’ on Allegheny Street

Park Forest, IL–(ENEWSPF)– Two children, ages two and eight, were removed from a home in the 200 block of Allegheny Street when an officer was dispatched to perform a well-being check. According to police, an employee of the Park Forest Water Department had been to the residence to check the water meter inside, discovering what police called “deplorable living conditions.”

According to police, roaches were seen crawling out of the cabinets and on top of the stove in the kitchen. The stove was crusted with food and grease, according to police. Upon opening the refrigerator, police observed the inside to be filthy, filled with old food and roaches crawling inside. Inside the freezer, police found several dead roaches in the top of the door and roaches frozen in the ice tray.

Upon entering a hallway to walk toward the bedrooms, police observed two old pieces of food on the floor in the hallway covered by roaches and ants. In the bathroom, police observed roaches crawling onto toothbrushes and razors that were placed on top of the toilet tank. None of the beds in the bedroom had any sheets on them, according to police. There were roaches observed crawling on the beds.

One of the officers asked the 8-year-old child if the bugs in the house bothered her, and she replied, “Not really, only when I am sleeping and they crawl on me.”

When asked about the condition of the residence, the adult resident responded, “What do you mean? I just haven’t cleaned in a while,” according to police.

The children were taken into custody by DCFS.