Police Investigate Shabbona Drive Shooting


  1. This town used to be a beautiful & safe place to live and bring up kids. Now it’s a damn ghetto with politicians that tell use it’s just an illusion of crime.

  2. Park Forest has been changing for years. It’s a shame Community no longer exists, and long term residents now must live under a shroud of fear.

  3. once the liquor/”grocery”/gambling opens, this is going to be typical around here.
    no decent neighborhoods have this type of business.
    going to attract more of everything people have been complaining about.
    terrible, unsophisticated decision. just awful. this village does
    not use common sense. it’s like, they TRY to drive away new residents
    and diminish the area with every move they make. i don’t think they
    have any understanding of what they just approved.
    this is the final straw, i’m letting my house go.

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