Local Police Reports

Police: 21-year-old Man Charged With Improper Walking in Roadway

Park Foreset, IL-(ENEWSPF)- The Park Forest Police Department released the following statement Monday morning:

"A 21 year old Park Forest man was charged with improper walking in roadway and obstructing identification after a Corporal in patrol stopped him for walking down the middle of Hay Street and forcing at least one other vehicle to drive around him. The man then refused to identify himself to the officer after being stopped.

"Illinois law requires pedestrians to use a sidewalk where available, and if they are not available (such as obstructed by snow), to walk adjacent to the curb, and not in the middle of the street. Additionally, if a person is stopped for a traffic violation, no matter how minor, they must properly identify themselves. Failing to do so just turns a simple traffic offense into a criminal matter."

Source: PFPD

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