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Park Forest Man Charged With Sexual Assault In Riverdale Too

Deandre Wilson, charged with criminal sexual assault, armed robbery, Park Forest, Riverdale
Deandre Wilson, age 30. (Source: PFPD)

Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- Deandre Wilson, age 30, the man arrested in Park Forest and charged with aggravated criminal sexual assault and armed robbery, was arrested and charged in Riverdale too.

The Park Forest Police said in a statement, “As reported yesterday, Deandre Wilson has been arrested and charged with the 5/15/17 sexual assault and robbery of an 18-year-old woman in the area of Wildwood Drive and Wiltshire Street.”

eNews Park Forest reported on this arrest previously.

“It is the policy of the Park Forest Police Department to not reference another agency’s investigations until they have done so,” Park Forest Police continued. “We can now share with you that the arrest of Wilson in this incident resulted from a professional police response from an additional incident reported in Riverdale. Due to the relationship between both agencies, the Park Forest Police Department Investigations Unit was notified and, based on the extensive investigation already completed and evidence recovered by our Investigations Unit, Wilson was able to be identified as the offender in the Park Forest incident.

“As you may read in this post shared from the Riverdale Police Department, Wilson was additionally charged in the Riverdale incident,” police said.

Park Forest Police further expressed their thanks to the Riverdale Police Department. Without their work and assistance, police say, the May 15, 2017 incident might still be an open case in Park Forest.

Riverdale Police also released a statement on Facebook, saying they have concluded their investigation and arrest of Deandre Wilson of Park Forest.

Police in Riverdale say Wilson is accused of allegedly grabbing a female while she was walking in the 14200 block of School Street and pulling her into an alley. This incident was reported on April 5, 2017. According to police, “The female victim was robbed and sexually assaulted while Wilson threatened her with a hand gun. Wilson fled the scene prior to Police arrival.”

“On July 06, 2017,” police continue, “Wilson is accused of grabbing a female by her neck while she was walking in 14100 block of Clark Street.”

Wilson then allegedly forced the female into an alley while threatening her with a handgun, according to police. The victim began to fight back and was able to break free from Wilson, police said. The victim began screaming, alerting a nearby resident. The Riverdale Police Department received a 911 phone call from that resident who was able to see Wilson attempting to flee the area, according to police. The resident continued to relay [Wilson’s] direction of travel and Wilson was taken into custody by the Riverdale Police Department, police said.

“Riverdale detectives began working the case and alerted nearby communities to see if they have had any similar incidents,” the RPD said. “Park Forest Police detectives responded to RPD and identified Wilson as a suspect in a aggravated criminal sexual assault and armed robbery which occurred on May 15, 2017,” the RPD said.

Wilson is charge with two counts of aggravated criminal sexual assault, one count of aggravated kidnapping, and one count of aggravated robbery in connection with the two Riverdale Occurrences.

Wilson was also charged with aggravated criminal sexual assault and armed robbery in Park Forest.

“Wilson currently remains in the custody of the Cook County Sheriff’s Department and is NOT eligible for bond,” Riverdale Police said in their statement.

“This cooperation between two departments effectively removed a dangerous offender from the streets,” the RPD said. “The incident also shows the importance in the community being aware and reporting crime as it happens.”

The public is reminded that all persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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