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Loose Dogs Kill Yorkie: Police Reports Through Nov. 15, 2022

A Yorkshire Terrier, Yorkie
A Yorkshire Terrier. (Image by Petra from Pixabay)

Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- A Yorkie dog was killed by two dogs who got loose from their yard and ran through an opening in a fence to a neighboring yard. The dogs took the Yorkshire Terrier in their mouths and left the tiny animal dead, according to police. This is one of the incidents where police responded to calls for service in the week of November 8-15, 2022. Other reports included a call for an animal bite, an obstruction charge, and a man taken into custody in connection with an outstanding warrant.

In the same week, a Matteson man was arrested on drug charges after he allegedly ran from police: Matteson Man Arrested on Drug Charges After Allegedly Running from Police.

Park Forest Police Blotter Reports Through November 15, 2022

Fierce Dogs

Reginald E. Woods, 35, 423 Shabbona Dr., Park Forest, was issued two municipal citations on November 9, charging dogs running at large and fierce dogs when police responded to Sangamon Court to investigate an animal complaint.

Police responded to Sangamon Court at 11:46 AM and spoke with the woman who said that she let her Yorkshire Terrier outside into her yard on November 9 at about 11:30 in the morning. She said that her neighbor to the west of her backyard had “two bully breed dogs,” according to the report. She told police the dogs ran into her yard from their yard, and picked up her Yorkshire Terrier with their mouths to carry it, according to the report.

The woman then contacted her neighbor, Reginald Woods, to have him get his dogs out of her yard. When the woman checked on her dog after the neighbor’s dogs had left, she found her Yorky dead.

Responding officers saw the deceased dog and also saw that the wooden fence which bordered the west side of the yard had multiple spaces where wood pieces were broken, according to police. The deceased dog had bite marks on its abdomen and fresh blood from the wounds it had sustained.

Police spoke with Mr. Woods, who said that he tied up one of his dogs in the backyard on the cable, but the dog was able to break away, according to police. Mr. Woods told police that he did not need to tie up his other dog because “she does not need to be tied on the cable,” according to police.

Mr. Wood said that he saw both of his dogs run into his neighbor’s yard, according to police. An officer saw that one of the tiedown cables in Mr. Woods’s backyard was broken, according to police.

The woman asked the police to dispose of the remains of her dog, according to police.

A search of PFPD records showed that Mr. Wood had received two previous animal complaints in 2022, one where the same neighbor complained about Mr. Woods’s dogs escaping and coming into her yard, according to police. At that time, Mr. Woods was issued a citation charging that he had not obtained dog licenses, according to police. As of this date, Mr. Woods’s dogs are licensed, according to police.

Animal Bite

Lauren A. Falkner, 30, 316 Merrimac St., Park Forest, was issued a municipal citation on November 9 charging animal bite and a municipal citation charging animal license required when police responded to the 300 block of Merrimac Street to investigate a report of a dog bite.

An officer who spoke with Ms. Falkner said that her Shih Tzu-type dog was outside on a leash with her children. Ms. Falkner said that a 10-year-old neighbor ran up to the dog after “being told not to do so,” according to the report. The dog, known as “Baby,” bit the child in the upper right thigh, according to police.

Ms. Falkner advised that “Baby” had bitten people in the past but that those bites “were not that bad,” according to police.

Ms. Falkner provided proof of updated vaccinations for “Baby,” which were scanned by the police.


Jahrel J. Henderson, 24, 620 Andover St., Chicago Heights, was arrested on November 10 and charged with an expired registration, driving with no valid driver’s license, operating an uninsured motor vehicle, and obstructing identification.

An officer was driving southbound on Western Avenue from Steger Road when he saw a black Chevy that had expired registration, according to police. The officer stopped the vehicle and asked the driver and sole occupant for his driver’s license and insurance. The driver allegedly stated that he did not have a license on himself. The officer continued to ask for identification and asked if the man had a credit card with his name on it. The driver insisted that he had no identifying items in the vehicle at that time, according to police.

The driver told the officer a name and gave a date of birth. When the officer searched for that name, the officer found a person with a different description than the driver, according to the report. The officer asked the driver for his address, and he provided 620 Andover Street. The officer asked for the last four digits of the man’s Social Security number, and the man was unable to provide the last four numbers, according to the report.

The officer ultimately used a law enforcement database to find a picture of the person the man named and found that the driver did not resemble the photograph of the person whose name the man had given, according to police.


Todd Speight Jr., 33, 2611 W. Beau Bein Court #C, Lisle, IL, was arrested on November 13 in connection with a warrant out of the DuPage County Sheriff’s Office on a charge of driving while his license was suspended when police investigated a report of a suspicious person at the Park Forest Fire Department training site at 59 N. Orchard Drive, according to police.

About Police Reports

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Presumption of Innocence

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