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Hazel Crest Man Facing Charges Relating to 2 Separate Police Calls in Park Forest

Lucciano B. Mosby
Lucciano B. Mosby. (Photo: PFPD)

Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- A Hazel Crest man is facing charges relating to two separate instances police responded to in the early morning hours of February 26. Lucciano B. Mosby, 18, 3406 Monmarte Ave., Hazel Crest, was arrested on February 26 and charged with criminal damage to property after police were dispatched at 12:49 AM to the 300 block of Waldmann Drive to investigate a report of criminal damage to a vehicle. Mr. Mosby was and also charged with disorderly conduct-breach of peace regarding a second incident that same night.

According to police, the complainant in the first call said he ended his dating relationship with Mr. Mosby on Saturday, February 23. He said Mr. Mosby had been constantly contacting the complainant through text messages and social media to talk and retrieve his property from the house, according to the report. On that night, the complainant said that he received several text messages from Mr. Mosby that he was going to come over to retrieve his property. The complainant provided the responding officer with his cell phone. The text message thread had no replies from the complainant. Some of the messages said, “Bet watch this sh*t,” “Ima give you 5 mins,” and “Or Ima f*ck your sh*t up.”

At one point, the complainant heard a knock on the door and asked a family member to answer it and say that he was not home. The complainant saw Mr. Mosby outside his home. Mr. Mosby left after he was told the complainant was not home but then returned, according to the report. The complainant then observed Mr. Mosby allegedly pickup a landscaping brick from the front lawn and use it to smash the complainant’s vehicle’s front window, according to the report.

At this point, the complainant contacted police.

Police located Mr. Mosby and another man when they were dispatched to the 300 block of Wayne Street to investigate a suspicious subject complaint.

In the second incident, someone on Wayne Street called police at approximately 1:45 AM to investigate a suspicious subject complaint. In that incident, the caller advised SouthCom that there was a man at the door was ringing the bell, ordering that the door be opened, stating that he had a gun and was “goin’ to blast it,” according to the report.

Police set up a perimeter around the residence and did not see anyone at the front door, north, or south sides of the residence, according to police. Another officer responded from the west and advised that he was with two men in front of a different residence in the 300 block of Wayne Street. Officers conducted protective pat downs of the subjects which yielded negative results for weapons.

Officers asked the men why they were banging on neighbors doors at such a late hour. Both of them replied that they were trying to “get someone’s Wi-Fi to get home,” according to the report.

An officer asked one of the men’s names to which he replied, “Lucciano.” The officer asked another officer if this was her alleged offender from the earlier criminal damage to property complaint. The second officer confirmed that this was Lucciano B. Mosby, 18, 3406 Monmarte Ave., Hazel Crest, from the previous incident. The man with him, Michael T. McKinney, 18, 1248 River Dr., Calumet City, said that he and Mr. Mosby used an Uber to drive from Calumet City to Park Forest. Mr. McKinney said that they were here to go to Mr. Mosby’s “homie’s house to get some stuff.”

An officer told Mr. McKinney that she believed he was lying and the real truth was they took an Uber to Park Forest to go to Mr. Mosby’s ex boyfriend’s house and while they were there damaged his car.

Mr. McKinney then allegedly said, “I’m going to be 100 with you. That is actually what happened,” according to the report.

Police placed Mr. McKinney into handcuffs without incident. Both Mr. McKinney and Mr. Mosby were charged with disorderly conduct-breach of peace and related to this incident.

Mr. Mosby was taken into custody and placed in the rear of a squad vehicle pending transport to the Park Forest Police Department. At the police station, Mr. Mosby continued to use foul language, according to police, saying, “No I needed to get my stuff and that bitch wouldn’t give it to me.” Mr. Mosby was charged with criminal damage to property. He posted bail. A condition of his bond was that Mr. Mosby stay away from the complainant’s home.

Mr. Mosby was charged in relation to both incidences and both Mr. Mosby and Mr. McKinney were assigned a court dates at the Markham Courthouse for April 2, 2019.