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Catalytic Converter Stolen from a Car on Osage

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Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- A catalytic converter and tailpipe were reported stolen from a vehicle parked on Osage Street last week.

An officer responded to an address on Sauk Trail around 7:30 PM on July 26 to investigate a report of a burglary from a motor vehicle. The complainant told the officer his fiancée owns a Hyundai Sonata. He said it was locked and parked on Osage Street.

At around 5:30 PM that afternoon, he drove past the vehicle to check on it which he said he does on a regular basis. He saw that the rear passenger side window had been broken out. After he looked the car over further, he saw that the steering column cover had been removed and that the catalytic converter and tailpipe were missing from the vehicle.

He told police that he drove by the vehicle earlier that day at around 2 PM in the rear window was intact but he is uncertain when the incident occurred.

The complainant told police that nothing else appeared to be missing from the car at that time.

The responding officer saw that the rear passenger-side window had been broken in and glass shards were on the rear seat and floorboard of the car. The officer also saw that the plastic covering of the steering column had been removed, exposing the wiring beneath. Finally, the officer confirmed that the tailpipe and catalytic converter were also missing from the car.

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