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Alleged Domestic Battery Incidents, Warrants, DUI: Police Reports Beginning Quarter 2 of 2023

Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- The first week of the second quarter of 2023 was unusually busy for police. Officers again discovered two individuals who had warrants for their arrests. There were two incidents of alleged domestic battery, and one person arrested on suspicion of DUI.

Police found one of these people with a valid warrant at the scene of this year’s only incident up to that point in 2023, which the Gun Violence Archive (GVA) listed as a mass shooting. This was the incident on Fir Street in April, where four were shot. One of the four died. According to the GVA, mass shootings have “a minimum of four victims shot, either injured or killed, not including any shooter who may also have been killed or injured in the incident.”

Park Forest Police Blotter Reports from April 4 through April 9, 2023

No Valid Driver’s License, Uninsured Vehicle: NO ARREST

Police detained Brian K. Goodwin, 22, 225078 Ridgway Ave., Richton Park, on April 4 and issued him citations charging speeding, operation of an uninsured motor vehicle, and no valid driver’s license. Police also issued him a municipal ordinance citation charging unlawful possession of cannabis.

An officer was patrolling in the area of Western Avenue and Fir Street when he saw a Jeep traveling northbound on Western allegedly going 55 mph in the 35 mph zone, according to police. The officer also noted that the vehicle had expired registration. The officer conducted a traffic stop on the car in the first block of Westwood Drive.

When the officer approached the Jeep, the driver, later identified as Brian Goodwin, rolled down the window and blew smoke that smelled like cannabis, according to police. When asked about the smoke, Mr. Goodwin allegedly said that he was smoking cannabis as he pulled away from his house a short while ago, according to police.

Expired Driver’s License

When the officer did a name check, the officer saw that Mr. Goodwin’s driver’s license expired in 2021.

The officer asked Mr. Goodwin to exit the vehicle, and Mr. Goodwin agreed, according to police. The officer found a small green bag filled with a green leafy substance, suspected us. The bag was not odorless, not childproof, and did not contain a dispensary label, according to police.

The officer also found a gray backpack in the back seat that held a firearm. The firearm was not loaded, and the magazine was clear, according to police. The officer confirmed that Mr. Goodwin had an active FOID and secured the backpack in the trunk of Mr. Goodwin’s vehicle.

Police released Mr. Goodwin on an individual bond at the scene when a driver arrived to pick up both in and his Jeep, according to police. This was not an arrest.

Criminal Trespass

Police arrested Aaron L. Moore Jr., 132 Forest Blvd., Park Forest, on April 5 and charged him with misdemeanor criminal trespass to real property.

SouthCom dispatched an officer to Forest Boulevard at 1:06 PM when Area J Cooperative management reported that a person banned from the property was at that location. Before responding, the officer confirmed with Chief Winfrey that the Park Forest Police Department had a copy of the prior notice to Mr. Moore indicating that he knew of the order, according to the police.

When police arrived address in question, they knocked on the residence door. A man wearing only a bath towel wrapped around his waist opened the door and stepped outside, according to police. The man identified himself as Aaron Moore, and police immediately took him into custody, according to the report. Officers allowed Mr. Moore to put on a pair of pants and a T-shirt.

Warrant: Park Forest, Will County

Police arrested Mark L. Terrell, 35, 128 Monee Rd., Park Forest, on April 6 and processed him on a Park Forest warrant out of Will County on charges of domestic battery and disorderly conduct. Police responded to Monee Road to investigate possible fighting, according to the report. No one wished to pursue charges regarding the alleged fight.

Warrant: Michigan City, IN

Police arrested Ramanze T. Robinson, 21, 9331 S. University Ave., Chicago, on April 7 and processed him on an active out-of-state warrant charging robbery out of Michigan City, Indiana. This was the night police investigated an incident of four people shot at an address on Fir Street. Police found one man dead inside the residence.

Alleged Domestic Battery

Police arrested Tammlyn J. Willingham, 64, 19330 Wolf Rd., Mokena, on April 8 and charged her with domestic battery when police responded to an address on Juniper Street to investigate a report of an alleged domestic disturbance.

In this case of alleged domestic battery, Ms. Willingham allegedly scratched a man on his face and neck, “causing redness and lacerations,” according to the report. The alleged victim said Ms. Willingham scratched him “multiple times,” but he did not wish to pursue criminal complaints. An officer determined that Ms. Willingham was the alleged domestic aggressor and arrested her.

Alleged Domestic Battery

Police arrested Avery A. Jackson, 58, 9 Rich Court, Park Forest, on April 8 and charged her with one count of domestic battery. SouthCom Dispatch sent police to Rich Court to investigate a report of an alleged domestic battery.

According to police, Mr. Jackson became upset with a woman. In this instance of alleged domestic battery, Mr. Jackson allegedly grabbed her by the hair, pulled her out of her bed, and slammed her to the ground, according to police. He then reportedly punched her in the face and choked her with both of his hands, according to police. After this, he allegedly scratched her chest, according to police.

The woman said she stood up when Mr. Jackson allegedly slammed her back down to the floor, causing her to hit her head on the floor, according to police.

The woman said she could not breathe for one second when Mr. Jackson was allegedly choking her, according to police. She did not lose consciousness, according to the report. She showed an officer a patch of her hair that Mr. Jackson allegedly pulled out of her head, according to police.

DUI with BAC Greater Than 0.08

Reginald R. Sorrells
Reginald R. Sorrells. (Photo: PFPD)

Police arrested and charged Reginald D. Sorrells, 34, 62 E. 138th #2, Riverdale, on April 9 with possession of a controlled substance, DUI alcohol, DUI alcohol with a concentration greater than 0.08 BAC, driving without headlights when required, failing to signal when required, no proof of insurance, and illegal transportation of alcohol.

An officer was driving westbound on Indianwood Boulevard at 11:54 PM when he saw a silver sedan, later discovered as a silver 2015 Hyundai Accident, driving eastbound on Indianwood from Hemlock Street without its headlights activated, according to police. The officer turned his squad around and saw the Hyundai make a left turn onto Western Avenue, allegedly without using a turn signal, according to police.

Curbing the Hyundai

The officer caught up to the Hyundai on Western and activated the emergency lights of his squad, curbing the Hyundai on Western Avenue near Court G-1, according to police. The officer approached the driver’s door window and spoke to the driver, Reginald Sorrells, who was the only occupant of the Hyundai.

Mr. Sorrells told the officer that he had just left the parking lot near his girlfriend’s home. He said the Hyundai was registered to his grandfather, according to police. Mr. Sorrells provided his driver’s license but could not find any current proof of insurance, according to police.

According to the report, Mr. Sorrells said he did not realize that he did not activate the headlights.

Police: Slurred Speech and Glossy, Watery Eyes

The officer notes in the report that Mr. Sorrells allegedly slurred his speech and had glossy and watery eyes. The officer asked him if he had anything to drink. Mr. Sorrells reportedly said he had but answered, “That was earlier,” according to the report. The officer told Mr. Sorrells that he wanted to make sure he was okay to drive. This was due to Mr. Sorrells allegedly showing signs of intoxication with alcohol, the officer told him.

So, the officer asked Mr. Sorrells to step out of the car so he could do a few checks. Mr. Sorrells agreed, according to police.

The officer performed a protective patdown which yielded negative results for weapons, according to police. The officer conducted Field Sobriety Tests. According to police, after the tests, the officer told Mr. Sorrells that he was arresting him on suspicion of DUI.

Inventory of the Vehicle

Police conducted an inventory of the Hyundai. The vehicle was later towed per village ordinance. They found a plastic cup in the cup holder in the middle console of the vehicle. This cup contained about one inch of yellow liquid. The liquid had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage, according to police.

Mr. Sorrells later allegedly told the officer that the plastic cup contained tequila, according to police.

While checking Mr. Sorrells front right pants pocket, the officer found a black colored plastic wrapper. Inside the wrapper were four yellow bar pills with the markings R039 on each, according to police. Mr. Sorrells told the officer that the pills were Xanax. He said he had a doctor’s prescription but didn’t have the bottle, according to police.

Prisoner Log Sheet

A few minutes later, the officer filled out a prisoner log sheet for Mr. Sorrells. While doing so, he asked Mr. Sorrells if he had any medical problems. He asked if he took any medication, according to police. Mr. Sorrells allegedly told the officer that he did not to both questions, according to police.

Later, Mr. Sorrells reportedly admitted to the officer that the pills belonged to his girlfriend and that he did not have a prescription for them. He allegedly said his girlfriend gave him the Xanax for a trip to Atlanta, Georgia, according to police.

The officer explained to Mr. Sorrells how to perform a breathalyzer test. Mr. Sorrells did so at 12:55 AM, according to police. The test indicated that Mr. Sorrells had a BAC of 0.12, according to the report.

About Police Reports

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Presumption of Innocence

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