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3 Tires, 1 Wheel on the Rim Leads to Glenwood Man’s DUI Charge

Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- As we continue to make our way through the first two weeks of August, we come to a man arrested and charged with driving under the influence. Police found him in his car in the grass at the entrance of a cooperative Court. He apparently had been driving with only three tires and one wheel riding on the rim.

Park Forest Police Blotter Reports Through August 14, 2023, Part III

DUI – Car Was Riding on a Rim

Robert G. Warren Jr. was riding on a rim in his car police said.
Robert G. Warren Jr.

Police arrested Robert G. Warren Jr., 38, 637 W. Palm Dr., Glenwood, on August 7 and charged him with driving under the influence of alcohol, use of unsafe tires, and driving an uninsured motor vehicle.

SouthCom Dispatch sent officers to Court E-9 at 3:50 AM in reference to a report of suspicious circumstances. According to SouthCom, a white, four-door Chevy sedan was in the grass near the co-op with the motor running, still occupied. The car may have hit the curb, SouthCom told officers.

Police arrived to find that the vehicle indeed was still occupied. Other officers arrived to assist.

They found a white, 2014 Chevrolet Impala registered to Robert Warren Jr. The car was in the grass area near the entrance of the co-op’s Court E-9. The grass had been pushed up and the vehicle’s tires were in the mud, according to police.

The front driver side of the vehicle had no tire, according to the report. That wheel had been riding on the rim.

The driver cannot explain why he was riding on the rim.

As an officer approached the car, a man, later identified as Robert G. Warren, got out of the car. Mr. Wharton said that he was the only person in the car. He was unable to explain to police why he was driving without a tire, according to police.

Officers observed that Mr. Warren had glassy eyes, according to the report. Also, a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from his breath, according to police.

According to police, he “rambled on” while answering questions. Police said he appeared to be confused as to how he ended up in the grassy area, according to the report.

Driver Dialogues with Police

An officer asked Mr. Warren what happened. He allegedly responded, “I slipped about right there and I can’t come out,” according to the report.

The officer asked him how he slipped and Mr. Warren allegedly said, “I don’t even know.”

The officer asked Mr. Warren where he came from and where he was going. Mr. Warren allegedly responded, “Straight.”

The officer then asked him what way he was going on Western Avenue. Mr. Warren allegedly said, “Straight… No, no. I was coming in,” according to the report.

The officer asked if he lived in that co-op court. Mr. Warren said he did and that he resided at an address in the 100 block of Fir Street, according to the report.

Then, Mr. Warren allegedly stated he was, “coming around,” according to the report.

According to police, the address he named on Further Street is in Court F-3, not Court E-9 where they were at the time.

The officer asked Mr. Warren if he was going. Mr. Warren allegedly responded, “No, I am, I just couldn’t get out,” according to the report. Mr. Warren allegedly told officers Long Island, Patron, and one shot of “anejo” when they asked if he had anything to drink, according to the report.

Driver Submits to Field Sobriety Tests

An officer asked Mr. Warren if he was willing to do field sobriety tests. He responded that he was. Mr. Warren then allegedly stated, “Actually, I haven’t drank [sic] in a long time and this was the first time,” according to the report.

After the field sobriety tests, police told Mr. Warren he was under arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence.

At the police department, Mr. Warren agreed to take a breath test but gave an insufficient breath sample, according to police. After three unsuccessful attempts, police logged the breath test as a refusal, according to the report.

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