Zoning Ordinance, Tax Delinquent Properties On The Agenda


Four tax delinquent parcels in the Village of Park Forest are under consideration for the Cook County Tax Reactivation Project. (Graphic: VOPF Agenda. Larger image below.)

On The Agenda

Park Forest, IL—(ENEWSPF)— The Village Board has four items on its agenda for discussion at the July 9, 2007 Rules Meeting, including a community survey for the 2008/09 fiscal year Strategic Planning process, and an ordinance authorizing the sale of Hidden Meadows Golf Course.

  1. An Ordinance Amending Section 118-57, Section 118-77 and Section 118-97 of the Zoning Ordinance Regarding Spacing Requirements for Group Homes Located in the R-1 Single Family Residential District, the R- 1A Single Family Residential District and the R-1B Single Family Estate- Type Residential District
  2. Board Strategic Planning and Facilitator for FY 2008/09
  3. Resolution Requesting Approval of No Cash Bid on Behalf of the Village of Park Forest and Authorization for the Village Manager to Execute Related Documents
  4. An Ordinance Authorizing the Sale and Transfer of Property Located at the Northeast Corner of Crawford Avenue and Stuenkel Road, formerly known as the Hidden Meadows Golf Course, to Lake Shore Investors, LLC

With respect to the first item, current Village Ordinance stipulates that Group Homes shall be no closer than 1,200 feet to another such facility. The recommendation from staff is to amend that so that Group Homes shall be no more than 600 feet to another such facility. The reasoning is expressed in a memo from Director of Economic Development and Planning Hildy Kingma that accompanies the agenda:

Based on his review of the Village’s zoning provisions and an examination of the requirements of the Federal Fair Housing Act and current case law, the Village Attorney has advised that group home spacing requirements that single out particular minorities, such as the disabled, violate the Federal Fair Housing Act. The Federal Fair Housing Act is designed to protect the rights of individuals to live in the residence of their choice. Case law has noted that if the government is allowed to impose quotas (such as spacing requirements) on the number of minorities who can move into a particular neighborhood, the federal law would be violated.

The item third on the agenda pertains to four properties that are already tax delinquent. Village staff propose entering into an agreement the Cook County Tax Reactivation Project (CCTRP) for the acquisition of four parcels. The properties are located at 261 Rich Road, 256 Allegheny, 17 Apache, and 36 Apache (see map below).

The board takes no formal action at Rules Meetings. The public will be invited to comment on any items on the agenda.


Locations of four parcels under consideration for the CCTRP. (Graphic: VOPF Agenda)