You May Be Able to Save Big Bucks on Your Prescription Drugs

My 14 year old cocker spaniel, Bubba, was diagnosed with hypertension.  His vet put him on Norvasc to treat the problem.  I took the prescription to Walgreens to have filled and was shocked to learn that a month’s supply of the medication would cost $157.00.  I had it refilled at Wal-Mart for $129.00.  While lamenting to my physician about the fact that I could not afford the medicine, but certainly did not want to let the dog die, he suggested having the medicine filled at Bremantowne Drugs in Tinley Park.  Frankly, I thought having the medication filled at a "Mom & Pop Drug Store" would be the most expensive place of all, but much to my surprise, the month’s supply of Norvasc cost $42.00.

 I have shared this information with my friends and neighbors, many of whom either have no medical insurance, or have prescription drugs that are not covered under their Medicare or Medicaid health benefits.  All have found that having their prescriptions filled at Bremantowne Drugs has resulted in significant savings. 

You might want to consider contacting Bremantowne Drugs (708-532-7711) to determine if you can significantly reduce the costs of your prescription drugs.  Bremantowne Drugs is located at 7545 W. 159th St.