In Their Own Words: JeRome Brown, Candidate, Village Trustee

JeRome Brown

Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- Keeping in mind that the following is in the candidate’s own words, eNews Park Forest reproduces here information provided by the Park Forest Non-Partisan Committee. We are publishing these statements alphabetically, and the order of publication should not be construed as an endorsement.

We publish these statements as-is, without edits to grammar or spelling. We will indicate such errors in common fashion. using the Latin word sic, “thus,” short for sic erat scriptum, “thus was it written.” We hold that small matters are important, like grammar and spelling.

Editorial endorsements will follow.

The first candidate alphabetically is JeRome Brown, candidate for Village Trustee.

His statement follows:

Grace United Protestant Church Marital Status: Married Children: 1

Occupation: Job Developer, Park Forest Trustee, and Life Coach

JeRome has been a committed community servant for 2 decades.

  • PF Kiwanis Club member
  • PF League of Women Voter [sic] member
  • PF Environment Commission
  • PF Parks & Recreation Advisory Board
  • PF Planning and Development Commissioner
  • PF Toastmaster’s President
  • PF Rotary Club Member and Program Director
  • Rich East Booster Parent
  • CAPS Community Liaison
  • Community Job Fair Organizer
  • Bears On Court Fundraiser Player for the Firefighter Association of Ameri- ca

JeRome Brown is an Employment Placement Specialist for Community Assistance Program, CAPS, a Chicago based job training and placement NPO. He is responsible for creating and implementing strategic employment techniques and successful networking skills that have resulted in the gainful employment for a record number of unemployed and/or at risk clients. On a daily basis, JeRome is effectively working to change lives by educating and assisting job seekers and employers alike in simplifying and bridging the gap in the hiring process.

JeRome is an invaluable asset to the Village of Park Forest through lending his professional experience and community involvement in the areas of economic development, infrastructure, and education to foster safety, diversity, and revitalization. His life’s passion and work is to promote and facilitate self-sufficiency through speaking engagements, life coaching, and mentorship. His aim is to be a positive force and influence in society for the betterment of all mankind.

JeRome has been recognized and honored by Alderman Carrie Austin, Mayor Richard Daley, and Cook County Board President John Stroger for his exemplary roles in citizenship, leadership, and community organization skills. JeRome Brown’s vision is to persist in the following areas; education, growth and development, youth programs, and safety.

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