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Wild Turkeys Take a Bold Stroll in Park Forest

wild turkeys visit the home of Javier Chavira
Wild turkeys visit the home of Javier Chavira. (Photo: Javier Chavira)

Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- A shave close to Thanksgiving a dozen wild turkeys took a bold stroll in the back yard of Park Forest resident Javier Chavira.

“Wild turkeys! 12 of them just came to our bird feeder… ’tis the season!” Mr. Chavira exclaimed in a Facebook post that he shared with the Friends of Thorn Creek Woods Nature Preserve.

Mr. Chavira kindly gave us permission at eNews Park Forest to share the pics he took of this gutsy group of gregarious gobblers, apparently unaware of the frightening fate faced by their flightless feathered fatted kin.

We appreciate Mr. Chavira sharing.