Visitors to the 1950s Museum

On March 1, we had a visit from Trish and her husband, who drove from Lake Geneva to see the museum.  Trish was a former Park Forester from 1949, who although she was very young when she lived in the rentals, had some vivid memories.  She was one of the people who joined in the comments on the Chicago Tribune article of February 3, and has been waiting for good weather to drive here. 

Tom and his wife drove from Evergreen Park, also drawn by the Tibune article.  Tom was obviously bieng "dragged out" for this long drive on a Saturday and skeptical of what he would find.  He was pleasantly surprised by the nostalgia he encountered when he stepped through our door.  When he left he said, "You guys have done a wonderful job here in re-creating the period.  I hope you can keep it open, because this is really great." 

It will take visitors to keep it open this time, folks.  Come out and see the new museum, even if you think you know all about Park Forest history.  There are lots of other things to see to bring back memories of your 1950s-1960s experience.  Everyone who comes through has a good time.  The volunteers showing it enjoy hearing the stories the visitors tell, and seeing the reaction of visitors to the "muddy kids" pictures and stories. 

We hope to see you at our door soon!