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Village looks to add images of local veterans to light poles with new program

Ed Fizer at Village Board meeting
World War II veteran Ed Fizer smiles as the attendees at the Village Board meeting give him a standing ovation in June of 2019. Mr. Tom Mick priased Mr. Fizer during his remarks, and Mr. Fizer later praised Mr. Mick in precise, positive, yet pointed language. The pointed language was directed at the mayor. (Photo: Gary Kopycinski)

Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- The Village of Park Forest is now accepting applications for its new Hometown Heroes Banner Project. The project aims to honor local military members who have served. Each banner will honor an individual service member, including active duty service members, retired and honorably discharged veterans, and memorials to service members. A total of 50 new banners are slated to be erected on light poles in the Village’s DownTown as part of the project.

Those interested in having a banner dedicated to a service member in your family can do so for a cost of $150. Applications were to be submitted by March 31 to allow time for printing and installation by Memorial Day. Applications accepted from July 1 to March 31 will be considered for installation in May. 

To process the application, please submit the following

Completed application and Signed photo release statement Proof of Park Forest residency for service member of an immediate family member. (Example: copy of utility bill, driver’s license, etc.) Verification of active duty status. (Example: military orders, military i.d., etc.) Verification of military service (DD214 or Honorable Discharge Certificate) High resolution (200-300dpi) photo of the hero in their military uniform. Digital photos will be accepted. Check or money order for $150 payable to Village of Park Forest (please add “PF Hometown Heroes” in the memo line) MAIL TO: 

Village of Park Forest 
ATTN: Veterans Commission 
350 Victory Drive 
Park Forest, IL 60466 

For All Questions & Inquiries

All questions and inquiries about the local veterans light poles project may be directed to Veterans Commission Staff Liaison, Village Manager Tom Mick at [email protected] or 708-748-1129. Park Forest Veterans Closet: 708-748-2829 or Downtown Park Forest Manager Heather Jones at [email protected] or 708-503-8153 

Additional Information 

For more information, visit the Veteran’s Closet & Resource Center at 351 Founders Way in Downtown Park Forest. Forms can also be downloaded here.