USW: Obama Makes History, Fires Up Working Families

Commentary from the United Steelworkers

Barack Obama not only made history last night when he accepted the nomination for president. He inspired working famlies across America.

"Obama’s acceptance speech made a forceful case for change, calling on working Americans to join him in fighting for a better life for our children, grandchildren and all the rest of us," said USW International President Leo W. Gerard.

"The separate paths Obama and Biden have each followed to reach this historic nomination for America’s Democratic presidential ticket is familiar to Steelworkers who have struggled, too. The Obama-Biden election fight for the White House is our fight," Gerard said. Read more of the USW’s statement on Obama’s speech here. Hundreds of USW members hosted watch parties across the country and the union is planning a nationwide block walk next week on the day John McCain accepts the GOP nomination to highlight his terrible record on issues important to working famlies.

Read the full text of Obama’s remarks here and check out a video of the historic moment: