Two Arrested in Alleged Home Invasion on Shawnee

Park Forest, IL—(ENEWSPF)— A violent home invasion on Shawnee last week resulted in the apprehension and arrest of two suspects. One suspect was discovered by K-9 Brix allegedly hiding in bushes between two homes on Huron.

Police were dispatched to the 300 block of Shawnee on October 27 at 11:19 p.m. to investigate a home invasion.  The caller was down the street near Central Park Avenue, and had exited the residence after the offenders entered.  Commander Dunnagan and Officers Houcek, Elliot, Kush, and Shulman responded.  Detectives Beilke and De Vries also responded to the area.

A resident reported that she had been sitting on the couch watching a movie with a juvenile resident when someone knocked on the door.  The juvenile answered the door and invited another juvenile inside the residence.  Approximately 20 seconds later, there was another knock at the door.  Again, the juvenile answered the door and three subjects entered the residence.

The resident described one of the subjects as approximately 20 years old, wearing a khaki colored coat.  A second subject entered who was also approximately 20 years old, wearing a white hooded sweatshirt and a black face mask that covered his face from his nose down.  A third subject, also approximately 20 years old, was wearing a black coat.

The three subjects started to have a verbal argument with the juveniles.  The resident stated that she was in the middle of telling everyone to leave when the subject wearing a khaki coat punched her in the face.  The subject wearing the white hooded sweatshirt and the subject wearing the black coat then allegedly began to punch her.  She stated that she fell to the ground and the subjects began to "go through" her pockets.  She said she took her cellular phone out of her pocket and threw it under the couch.  As the subjects were going through her pockets, the subject in the white hooded sweatshirt and mask allegedly began kicking her repeatedly in the face, stating, "I’m not going to hit you, just tell me where everything is." 

She related that she told the offenders she had to check on her son.  The subject in the white hooded sweatshirt asked, "Where’s your son?"  She advised the subject that her son was in his room and she wanted to check on him.  She said she got away from the offenders and ran to her son’s bedroom.  As she attempted to close the door, the subject wearing the white hooded sweatshirt and mask placed his hand between the door and the frame in an attempt to prevent her from closing the door.  She stated that she repeatedly slammed the door on the offender’s hand until he pulled his hand back and she was able to close the door and lock it.  She turned out the lights and hid in her son’s bedroom until she felt it was safe to exit and call 911.  As she was attempting to dial 911, the officers arrived on the scene and made contact with her.

She advised an officer that when the subject was going through her pockets, he stole her boyfriend’s black cellular phone.  Upon inspecting the interior of the residence, she was unable to locate the phone and she also discovered that an Xbox game system was stolen from the living room.

She further related that she recognized all three of the subjects who entered her home and battered her by their faces and voices, and that they had been guests in her residence within the past month.  She stated her boyfriend may know their names.  She stated she would be able to identify the offenders.  She further related that she will pursue complaints against the offenders once they are located.

Officers observed several bleeding cuts with redness and swelling on the left side of the victim’s face.  She complained of soreness in her jaw, left eye, and nose, and believed she possibly had a chipped tooth.  Commander Dunnagan contacted the Park Forest paramedics who responded to the scene and treated her for her injuries.

Commander Dunnagan then made contact with the initial complainant, who related that he was sleeping in a bedroom when his girlfriend woke him because she heard a disturbance inside the residence.  He heard the victim yelling, "I don’t have any money."  After hearing the disturbance, he and his girlfriend exited the locked bedroom through the window and called the Park Forest Police Department to report the incident.

Officer Elliot was dispatched to the scene of the invasion where the subjects had fled on foot from the residence.  Officer Elliot, riding in a fully marked police vehicle, observed two male black subjects walking southeast in the grass area of Somonauk Park toward the intersection of Somonauk Street and Nashua Street.

Officer Elliot stopped his patrol vehicle, exited the vehicle, and instructed the two suspects to stop walking.  The two looked at Officer Elliot and immediately began to run away.  Elliot apprehended the first subject immediately, placing him in handcuffs.  Elliot yelled several times to the second suspect as he ran southeast toward Huron Street.  Elliott observed the suspect running between two residences toward Huron Street.

Officer Elliot and K-9 Brix, with Commander Dunnagan and Officer Shulman, began a search of the area.  As Officer Elliot and K-9 Brix approached the south side of a house in the 400 block of Huron, K-9 Brix alerted to the bushes between two homes.  Officer Elliot observed the second subject, later identified as Anthony G.  Holmes, 20, 1306 Riegel Farm, University Park, was in a crouched position under a bush.

According to the report, Officer Elliot twice informed the Holmes that he was under arrest and advised him to show his hands which were concealed under his body.  Holmes allegedly did not comply.  Officer Elliot advised the Holmes that if he did not show his hands, the K-9 would be used.  Holmes then showed his empty hands to officers.  Commander Dunnagan and Officer Shulman attempted to handcuff the him.  Holmes allegedly resisted attempts to be handcuffed, struggling to keep his hands in front of his body.  After a brief struggle, he was handcuffed.

Detective Beilke spoke with Juvenile Screening who approved detention for the juvenile.  Charges for the juvenile are pending.  Anthony G. Holmes was arrested and charged with home invasion.

Source: Police Report

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