Top 10 Internet Scams in 2007

Boone, NC (PRWEB) December 19, 2007 — The editors of Scambusters.org have published their annual list of the Top 10 Internet Scams for 2007, and identity theft tops the list for the fourth year running.

"It’s important to know who’s been hooked by which crooks so you can better protect yourself in the future," says Dr. Audri Lanford, Co-Director of Scambusters.org, a public service website that has been helping people protect themselves from Internet scams since 1994. "Knowledge is power," explains Dr. Lanford. "It’s vital to recognize each of these scams. The more you know how these scammers operate, the better armed you are against falling victim to their ploys."

Scambusters.org compiles their Top 10 list by tracking the tens of thousands of emails and feedback forms they receive throughout the year, as well as reviewing countless news items about the latest Internet scams.

Here is the complete list of the Top 10 Internet Scams in 2007:

10. Work-at-home scams
9. Pump and dump scams
8. Online dating scams
7. Spyware threats
6. Overpayment scams
5. Nigerian scams
4. Viruses, worms and Trojans
3. Lottery scams
2. Phishing scams
1. Identity theft scams

You can find out how well (or poorly) Scambusters.org did with their 2007 predictions, discover more about these Internet scams, and check out their predictions for the biggest Internet scams for 2008 here.

About ScamBusters.org
ScamBusters.org is a public service that has been helping people protect themselves from Internet fraud since 1994. Founded by Co-Directors Audri and Jim Lanford, ScamBusters.org provides a free weekly email newsletter that shows you how to protect yourself from cunning scammers — online and offline. ScamBusters.org offers a lively, entertaining and opinionated approach to avoiding the most popular scams, viruses, spyware, phishing scams, identity theft ploys, credit card fraud schemes, and urban legends making the rounds.