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To the Editor: Where’s the Old eNews Park Forest?

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Letters to the Editor. (Valeriana Solaris on Flickr)

Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- A long-time reader sent an email recently asking what happened to the news about Park Forest? In particular, where’s the old eNews Park Forest? Specifically asking about me.

Here it is.

To the Editor:

None of the news is really local.

What happened to the police blotter? Where is the news about Park Forest? I don’t care about some yahoo getting sentenced to life in prison in Kankakee. I want to know about the kid who yelled “Go home, bitch,” at me when I rode my bike a block from my house, or the reason for the sirens at 3 in the morning, stuff like that (and no, I did not really hear sirens at 3 am).

Where’s the old Gary Kopycinski news report?

Beverly Szaton
Park Forest, IL


Dear Ms. Szaton and All Our Loyal Readers:

You are absolutely correct in your criticism of eNews Park Forest, specifically referencing the “old” eNews Park Forest or the “old Gary Kopycinski news report.”

I’ve given a lot of excuses over the past couple of years. Yes, I had health issues. Yes, COVID-19 hit. Yes, I fell behind in many areas. I made my apologies in the past without really changing anything, without publishing more news, local news, the kind we need in this town. As each week went by and I missed one police report after the other, one village board meeting after the other, I couldn’t find the right place to jump back in.

Really, there’s no perfect time to jump back in. You just have to jump.

So, I’m jumping back in today.

Then I have to jump back in tomorrow again. But that’s a day away.

So I’m jumping back in today.

As I mentioned in the police reports published yesterday, a resident asked if he could help with these reports. Andy Klinger is now on board to work with the backlog of reports we need to get to the public, and then work to keep us current. Andy is not interested in receiving any credit, does not wish to have a by-line. He just wants to help, and, for that, I am very grateful.

This is and must remain a true community publication, brought to Park Foresters by Park Foresters. It must also remain independent. So, we will continue to do so, continue to bring you the latest — or bring you the latest again.

News and solid, relevant editorial content for Park Forest: that’s what I promise.

Other articles are necessary for us too to stay afloat. That “yahoo” in Kankakee and other articles from the Department of Justice draws thousands of local readers and others from the region. Right now, for example, as I write this sentence, our story on “Gizzy Gang” members, whoever they are, is going viral.

No kidding.

Those articles were also part of the “old eNews Park Forest.” But local stories were and must remain our niche. I’m going to bring back “In and Around Park Forest.” If your club or organization, place of worship, school, whatever, has something coming up, please send it to me at [email protected] and I’ll publish it for you. That article might come back in a few different parts as opposed to one long article.

Watch for that this weekend.

I’m also going to continue to cover the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). Have a selfish interest in doing so. My cousin, Dr. Gerard “Jerry” Kriss introduced me to the JWST when he came to Chicago for a conference for astrophysicists in 1999. I’ve been waiting for it ever since, and Jerry’s been working on it, planning for it, and waiting for it. His daily stomping grounds at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, MD, is Mission Control for the powerful observatory now on its way to L2 after a successful Christmas Day launch. My sister, Kristi Sciullo, recently christened the JWST “Jerry’s telescope,” so that’s how we refer to it now in the family.

Scientists and engineers from around the world worked on this project. New technology had to be invented so this baby could finally fly. Some of that tech is already being used in industry and medicine.

So, expect more on the JWST.

And expect more, much more of the “old eNews Park Forest.”

If we drop the ball again, or, computer, as the case may be, please let us know.

If you wish to have your voice heard, please send your thoughts and opinions to [email protected]

And thank you, thank you all so much, for continuing to read and support this news service.

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