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Three Car Accident at Western and Sauk Trail

three-car accident at Western Ave. and Sauk Trail
A three-car accident at the intersection of Western Avenue and Sauk Trail Monday evening. (Photo: Daniel Karwatka)

Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- Reader Dan Karwatka sent eNews Park Forest pictures of police and emergency vehicles at the scene of a three-car accident on Monday, September 23. The multi-vehicle crash was at the intersection of Western Avenue and Sauk Trail, a “red zone” if there ever was one for accidents in Park Forest.

Mr. Karwatka said he passed by the intersection around 6:00 p.m.

Deputy Chief Brian Rzyski tells ENEWSPF that this was a three-car accident, “One car rear-ended the middle car that was forced into the third. A few passengers received medical treatment.”

Police reports do not give specific information on injuries sustained in accidents as this information is protected by HIPPA.

Accident at Sauk Trail and Western Avenue
Another shot of Monday’s accident at Sauk Trail and Western Avenue. (Photo: Daniel Karwatka)

“It does not appear anyone was ticketed,” Chief Rzyski said.

Lock Your Car Doors

While we have your attention, please consider locking your car doors. Police once again put notification on their Facebook page about a recent rash of burglaries to motor vehicles:

Friends, over the past week we’ve had numerous burglaries to unlocked vehicles, usually occurring overnight. These incidents are not confined to one part of the Village, with known vehicle burglaries at the north end on Illinois St., in the center-portion of town on the W streets, and south on Shabbona Dr., among others. We can’t be everywhere, so we are asking 3 things from you to partner with us.

1) Remove valuables and lock your vehicles.

2) Call if you see something suspicious, like someone walking up and down driveways without an obvious purpose, or someone looking in the vehicles while walking down the street.

3) Check your home surveillance video for suspicious activity and report it to us.

Incidents like these are crimes of opportunity. Let’s not make it easy to commit vehicle burglaries in Park Forest.

Park Forest Police on Facebook

Police also shared this post back in May:

When will we learn?