Three Adults And Juvenile Arrested

Park Forest, IL—(ENEWSPF)— Three adults were arrested in the Eastgate area July 13 in a tense situation involving a dozen officers from the Park Forest Police Department and eight to ten adults.

The officers were attempting to arrest a 17-year old on a juvenile arrest warrant.  According to lengthy police reports, Detectives Beilke and Devries were in the 200 block of Arrowhead when Det. Beilke observed a male subject who he recognized as having an active juvenile arrest warrant, according to the report.  The Park Forest records department confirmed the warrant.  When detectives attempted to arrest the juvenile, he ran into his residence.

At this point, approximately eight to ten subjects arrived in the driveway of the residence. Three to four of these subjects, according to the report, stood blocking the doorway of the residence and told Det. Devries that he could not enter.  Meanwhile, Det. Beilke moved to the rear door to prevent the juvenile from fleeing.

At this time, ten more officers arrived on the scene.  Det. Beilke was able to open the rear door and the juvenile exited.  Det. Beilke informed the juvenile that he was under arrest.  The juvenile would not comply and resisted verbal direction from Det. Beilke, continued to try to break free and escape.  The juvenile was eventually put into a squad car and transported.  He was charged with the arrest warrant and resisting a peace officer.

Three adults were also charged in the incident.  Tracy Johnson, 37, 243 Arrowhead, Park Forest, was arrested and charged with obstructing a peace officer.  Shawn Clanton, 18, 217 Arcadia, Park Forest, was charged with resisting a peace officer. 

Cleddy Burnette, 44, 21701 Peterson, Sauk Village, was arrested and charged with resisting a peace officer and obstructing a peace officer.  According to the report, Burnette allegedly attempted to stop the arrest by blocking officers from getting to the juvenile, according to the report.  Burnette allegedly refused repeated orders to back away from the juvenile, and allegedly refused to place his hands behind his back when informed he was under arrest.  Officer Naughton used a Taser “in an attempt to gain compliance,” according to the report.  The initial Taser was ineffective.  Officer Naughton then used the Taser to drive stun Burnette, and he complied, according to the report.

Source: PFPD