The Real X-Files: Author Confirms Intelligence Community Interest in UFO Researcers

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) June 24, 2007 — An independent investigation by noted author Gus Russo confirms that members of the U.S. Government Intelligence Community are actively interested in the Internet activities of UFO researchers, a story first revealed in on-line intelligence reports issued by Starstream Research. The result of Russo's investigation, "The Real X-Files: Is Uncle Sam a Closet UFOolgist?" is the featured story at the Starstream Research web site.

Russo is the author of four books and a reporter/producer/writer for over one dozen US major network television documentaries, including PBS and ABC News, as well as films produced in Germany, the UK, France, Mexico and Japan. Pulitzer-Prize winning writer Seymour Hersh has said, "Gus Russo is as skilled at researching the facts as anyone I know — brilliant."

According to Russo, "… there is certainly a very small percentage government officials with intelligence clearance — some active, some retired — who are interested in the UFO research community, if not UFOs themselves. Some of these men are of the impression, rightly or wrongly, that a very few individuals in government and the private sector are keeping the big secret even from them."

Russo has refrained from releasing names of the parties involved in his story. Starstream Research has confirmed sources include former CIA DS&T analyst Dr. Ron Pandolfi, Dr. Christopher Kit Green, a forensic scientist recently featured for his past work with the CIA on the PBS series "Secrets of the Dead," and Dr. Paul Murad of the DIA.

In addition to "The Real X-Files," a series of articles, available to the public at www.starstreamresearch.com support Russo's investigation. The exclusive Starstream Research stories reveal the history of U.S. Government interest in the paranormal and unexplained phenomena, like UFOs. Copies of declassified government documents are also available for viewing.

"To the Moon and Back, With Love" re-tells the story of Ingo Swann, a psychic secretly tested by the CIA in the mid-1970's at the Stanford Research Institute, adding additional documentation from the DIA STAR GATE program. Swann claims to have been taken from SRI by an unknown group to covertly observe a UFO over a lake in Alaska.

U.K.-based phenomenologist Caryn Anscomb examines the intersection of mythology and the Intelligence Community in a series titled "Trickster Tales."

"Exempt from Legal Recourse" is an on-going investigation that uncovered a trail of counterintelligence activities aimed at members of the UFO community, involving allegations of an extraterrestrial presence.

According to Starstream Research founder Gary S. Bekkum, "No one has actually confirmed the existence of an alien invasion, but (government) sources suggest high ranking figures in the intelligence community, including former Directors of Central Intelligence, have discussed this issue, at least in private."

Bekkum added, "We have confirmed the existence of a Working Group on UFO's, the same group first reported by Howard Blum in his book, 'Out There'. We have an audio recording on file of a former CIA official, Ron Pandolfi, stating that he had attended the first meeting of the Working Group in the 1980's."

Caryn Anscomb, an associate of Starstream Research, verified that the voice on the tape was most likely Dr. Pandolfi, the same senior intelligence official she had been introduced to at a private meeting in Washington, D.C. in 2006.

Explanations provided by Pandolfi for the existence of the original working group include radar anomalies known as "Fastwalkers," which are sometimes ignored as noise in signal traces.

Bekkum also noted that a similar tale had been fed to Howard Blum during the research phase of his book in the 1980s. Bekkum commented that "Blum interpreted the passing of questionable material as a test by an unknown intelligence source. Starstream Research was alerted to the importance of Blum's out-of-print book from comments Pandolfi made during a recorded phone conversation, which originated with Armen Victorian, a non-affiliated researcher based in the United Kingdom. It is unknown if Dr. Pandolfi was aware that he had been recorded. Given our close relationship to some of the same individuals, we need to emphasize that information provided to us, even by official sources, needs to be interpreted carefully."

Gus Russo's investigation uncovered the identities of the UFO working group.

According to the Russo story, "Fortunately, four participants in those gatherings have communicated with this writer, and one in particular shared original paperwork from the meetings with Caryn [Anscomb , who graciously shared them with me."

Russo's story, "The Real X-Files: Is Uncle Sam a Closet UFOlogist?" is available for download at the Starstream Research website, along with exclusive supporting stories and documentation.